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  • Every Opportunity

    By subtracting boys an all girls' education adds opportunities. At a girls' school, a girl occupies every role: every part in the play, every seat on the student government, every position on every team. Not only does she have a wealth of avenues for self-exploration and development she has a wealth of peer role models and friends.

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  • Girl in the Bubble Myth

    Some say an all girls’ environment is unrealistic and may render girls ill-prepared for co-ed life. We disagree. Her world will continue to include boys and men — as her teachers and coaches, at home, on weekends and holidays. And, finding her voice, collaborating on projects and excelling in academics will prepare her for a purposeful life. At McGehee she will find her voice.

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  • Environment

    At a girls’ school…Students feel free to be themselves…And in our media-driven society where kids seem to grow up faster every year, allowing our daughters a little more time to be girls is a very precious gift. Girls’ schools…help girls develop the skills, confidence, and self-knowledge necessary to thrive and become leaders in college, career, and life.

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  • Girls' Schools Grads Have an Edge

    Girls' schools create a culture of achievement in which academic progress is of great importance, and the discovery and development of a girl's individual potential is paramount. At McGehee we teach our girls the greatest survival skills for the 21st century. 
Sources: Ilana DeBare, author of Where Girls Come First: The Rise, Fall and Surprising Revival of Girls’ Schools and National Coalition of Girls' Schools (NCGS) 

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The Girls' School Advantage: By the Numbers

    • NCGS is proud to present "The Girls' School Advantage: By the Numbers," which highlights the benefits of all-girls schools by providing quantitative and qualitative research from third-party experts.

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