Middle School

Middle School is a time of exploration at McGehee.

In Middle School students begin to discover their growing independence as learners and leaders, artists and athletes, scientists and singers, and roles as yet unknown to them.

Our rigorous college-prep curriculum is enhanced by a wide variety of extracurricular opportunities for Middle School girls to try. And we encourage them to try it all. Clubs, committees, activities, non-athletic teams, sports teams, and service learning provide so many avenues for our students to experience, accept or reject, but most importantly, just to try, to participate, to explore, to test their limits. As Middle School progresses, students begin to realize their strengths and interests, discovering what and where to invest their time and energy in Upper School.

Middle School is a time of many changes, academically, emotionally and physically. The life of Middle School girls can be tumultuous at times. McGehee’s extraordinary faculty, Counseling and Learning Support Services understand the unique challenges during these developmentally important years and provide the curriculum, supportive environment and guidance to help each girl navigate these challenges and discover her potential.

Middle School is also a time to build upon foundations established in Lower School and to encourage students to become responsible for their own learning experience in preparation for Upper School. Our teachers challenge students to take academic risks and encourage them to set high expectations for themselves. Middle School students are making more choices for themselves, and our faculty are there to help students learn to make thoughtful and responsible choices. And when mistakes are made, students have the supportive environment of Middle School.

Jessica Holl, Middle School Head

Our goal in Middle School at McGehee is to guide young women through their most transformative years by fostering an innovative, collaborative learning environment that includes a culture steeped with positivity, inclusivity, collaboration, and risk-taking critical to the development of adolescent girls.
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Louise S. McGehee School is a private independent all-girls school for Pre-K through grade 12 and open to all qualified girls regardless of race, religion, national or ethnic origin.