College Counseling

College counseling at McGehee is a highly individualized experience. In an increasingly competitive college admissions climate, our college counseling department does a fantastic job of guiding our students to attend the best universities she can, and to choose one that matches her interests as well.

The college counseling process at McGehee begins freshman year with the girls’ introduction to the important steps needed for them to reach personal goals through a variety of seminars that continue throughout their entire Upper School experience. McGehee students are well prepared by the time they reach their senior year and the application process begins in earnest.

Senior year brings College Counseling and the seniors together once a rotation, to focus on producing and finalizing paperwork for their college applications. Seniors and the college counselor partner to find the best fit with the counselor acting as advocate and mentor throughout senior year.
The heart of the college process at McGehee is about self-discovery and celebration. Our girls know themselves and our school culture supports this. They sense and they find their “fit,” using their potential as the reigning criteria. I attribute their savvy to the McGehee environment, one that shows each student who she is now and what she can do with her marvelous potential.

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