Rosie Odem ’19

Rosie Odem
Texas Christian University, Class of 2023
Mentorship: Sustainability at McGehee: Why Your Individual Impact Matters

Rosie Odem’s goal was to make McGehee more sustainable as a school and to encourage a sustainable lifestyle amongst the McGehee community. She used the mentorship program during her senior year to accomplish this. After lots of surveying, research, and educational presentations to the student body and faculty, Rosie developed a 10-year sustainability plan and presented it to the Board of Trustees so that the efforts to minimize the school’s eco-footprint carry on and McGehee could set an example for other New Orleans independent schools.
2343 Prytania Street
New Orleans, LA 70130
Louise S. McGehee School is a private independent all-girls school for Pre-K through grade 12 and open to all qualified girls regardless of race, religion, national or ethnic origin.