Recommended Laptops

Most current laptop models are acceptable as a school computer, but the following are models we have had success with in the past. Regardless of your choice, we strongly recommend purchasing an accidental damage warranty. Your daughter will be as responsible with her laptop as possible, but mistakes are expected.

List of 3 items.

  • Dell Latitude 5480

    Windows 10, 500G hard drive, 4G of RAM, and Dell's best-in-the-business accidental damage warranty, which is servicable in the McGehee Tech Office. 

    On the Dell Premier Page, click "Shop Standard Configurations" and select the Latitude 5480. The system will be shipped to McGehee and we will call you when it has been configured. 

  • 12" MacBook

    The 12" MacBook is equipped to handle daily tasks and extensive use.

    As with any student laptop, please purchase a warranty. The McGehee Tech Office is happy to troubleshoot issues with Apple computers, but is not authorized to do repairs on Apple computers. For this reason, families purchasing Apple computers should be prepared to visit an Authorized Apple Repair Center if a student's machine breaks.
  • A Note About Chromebooks

    While we cannot truly recommend Chromebooks as a part of the McGehee laptop program, we do recognize that they are an affordable alternative to a traditional laptop. If your family understands the limitations of a Chromebook and still wants to purchase one, please consider a Chromebook with an accidental damage warranty, such as the two listed on our McGehee Dell Premier page. Questions? Call the Tech Office!
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