PK Girls Love Their Rice Babies

Pre-K "moms" are hard at work.
Pre-K kicked off 2019 with a look back at how much we have grown and changed. The girls are making Rice Babies -a true fan favorite over the years. During centers, the girls scooped rice into socks in the baby station and then decorated a face with buttons and pom poms. The girls have brought in information about their own births from home to share. Each girl has shared her birth weight and length and the story of how she got her name. We then put our math skills to work and measured and weighed our rice babies. We used our rekenreks to reinforce the numbers and compared them to the girls' actual birth stats. Each girl decorated a shoe box to be used as a baby crib for the unit. PK teacher Allison Steinfeld commented, “The girls are working on developing a sense of time and being able to sequence events in time which is so important at this age.  We are also having a wonderful time singing and reading nursery rhymes to our babies, including favorite songs like ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider.’ The rooms are filled with stories of ‘remember when I was a baby and…’ The girls' pride and enthusiasm in sharing stories about themselves is exciting and joyful!”
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