Leading Women Speaker Judge Teena Trahan

Alumna Judge Teena Trahan '84 addressed Upper School assembly.
Among the speakers lined up for the Diversity Club’s Leading Women Speaker series was Judge Teena Anderson Trahan ‘84 who spoke on February 9th. Judge Trahan addressed upper school students at a virtual assembly where the students were able to hear about her years at McGehee as well as her journey to college, law school and beyond. In 1984, she graduated from McGehee as the first African American student to do so. Teena attended Loyola University where she remained focused on her schoolwork and grades, earning her a full scholarship to attend Southern University Law School, which she described as “feeling like home.”
Judge Trahan offered great advice to all of the girls including daughter Lilliefaye ‘21—”Make a difference. Be expressive. Be your own history maker!”
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