Toxicology and Poisons

Young chemists in the making.
Chemistry II students are currently learning all about toxicology and poisons. They are reading the book The Poisoner’s Handbook by Deborah Blum which takes place during prohibition in New York City and tells the story of the development of forensic science and toxicology. Each chapter covers a different poison and so far the students have given presentations on cyanide, methanol, mercury, and arsenic. In addition, the students have learned about lead poisoning through lead paint in the New Orleans housing projects and contaminated water in Flint, MI. To better understand how scientists detect contaminants, the girls have tested paint samples for lead as well as a variety of water samples for lead and other minerals. Fortunately, they have not detected lead in any of their various water samples! They are currently in the process of comparing their data on other measurements (nitrates, chlorine, and fluorine) to the Sewage and Water Board’s water quality report from 2019. 
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