5th Grade Inaugural Addresses

5th Graders are passionate about our democracy.
Inauguration Day is a celebration of America’s democracy and institutions, and as a pre-Inauguration activity, students in 5th grade history learned about the history of Inauguration Day and what, specifically, happens on this historic day. The 5th graders watched clips of and analyzed portions of notable inaugural addresses of the past. For a culminating activity, students wrote and delivered a few sentences of their own inaugural address. Here are a few quotes drafted by these future Presidents and McGehee Leading Women:

“Though we are in a crisis that could cause great worry, sadness, and despair, the hope you put into the country is stronger than that. Together, we form a country that is stronger than anything, and we will eventually make it even stronger. Though it does feel like you are alone, all Americans are together. Through all the crises we’ve gone through in the past, we have gone through them together. If this crisis is like any other, we will push through it like we did in the past, as a whole.” -Mia Suau

“I am so happy to be here to be named as the first woman President of the U.S. I really want to make America more equal, and, when I leave my term, we will all be equal.” -Ella Culver
“We must stand up for what is right and improve it, just like our country. Our country is not perfect, but we shall improve it to make it the best it could ever be!” -Delany Adekunle
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