From Jumpers to Skirts

A great idea is in the works.
The momentum from our DEI efforts are ongoing and significant, and thanks to several members of the Class of 2021, we have a new program. Students of color in the senior class have initiated a program called "From Jumpers to Skirts," which promotes a mentorship of sorts with our youngest girls of color in Lower School. Jordyn Wilson '21, one of several founders of the group, said, "If there is one thing I wished for during all my years at McGehee, I wish I had been closer to older students of color when I was younger. I feel that having a 'big sis' figure who looks like you is very reassuring. If I would have had one of those figures tell me that it is ok to stand out, I feel that I would have gotten out of my shell much sooner."

The girls other plans include peer tutoring, watching diverse films and reading books together. Through this initiative as well as others from McGehee's Diversity Club, led by Tirza Araya '21 and Lynn-Chi Nguyen '21, our McGehee girls are helping us find meaningful ways to support and better connect with our students of color.
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