Let's Make Faces

Aqua Elephants explore self portraits.
The Aqua Elephants are exploring mark-making through the study of self portrait. Inspired by the book Let's Make Faces, the students have been experimenting with different activities. 
Exploring self-portraits is about children learning self-identity. To support their developing self-concept in the class, the children created 3D self-portraits from “loose parts”.  Each child sat in front of a mirror and created their likeness by arranging pompoms, pipe-cleaners, jewels, and items from nature (found in the butterfly garden), to make the faces. The next step is for the class to draw their self-portraits using markers and paper. Drawing themselves helps children have a better understanding that they are unique and special.  Even simple mark making such as basic shapes used to represent facial features, can lead to better perception of self.  As they were working, the children studied their faces in the mirror and talked about how the shape of the mouth changes and the positioning of the eyebrows move when you express different emotions. These little ones are learning all the time!
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