The Senior Pageant

The Class of 2020 presented their gift to the school.
A school tradition since 1922, the Senior Pageant or Nativity is the seniors’ gift to the school. Members of the class are elected to roles which represent qualities of leadership, loyalty and kindness. As every year, seniors voted for their classmates that best represented the Nativity roles. 

Within the creche sit Mary, Joseph, and two kneeling angels, attended by two Herald Angels, all selected members of the senior class. These girls all have outstanding qualities and they represent the following: Mary (Therese Martello ‘20) is the McGehee girl who acts as the mother of the senior class and is loved and respected by all her classmates. She is always available when a problem presents itself; she can best be described as caring and affectionate. She works hard to promote her class in any way possible. Joseph (Sadie Thorne ‘20) is the senior who most shows her love of McGehee. She is a good leader and shows her leadership skills and voice in everything she does. She is an excellent organizer and is very trustworthy. She essentially keeps her class together. The kneeling angels (Matilda Knight ‘20 and Molly Stockmeyer ‘20) are those girls who are always there to listen to their classmates, giving advice and comfort to all who need it. They are strong girls who will stand up for what they believe in and they have a true grasp of right and wrong. The Herald Angels (Claire Beary ‘20 and Conery Schmidt ‘20) are the girls who are always there to celebrate their classmates’ successes. They are consistently enthusiastic, encouraging, and positive, and are a cheering presence for their class. 
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