McGehee Girls Meet with Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor

McGehee girls now have the memory of a lifetime!
Fourth, fifth, and sixth grade essay winners had a fantastic opportunity to meet U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor last Saturday at the America Academy of Pediatrics Conference. Fifteen McGehee students were front and center to discuss her new children’s book Just Ask which celebrates differences.
Justice Sotomayor took the time to read all of our McGehee girls' essay submissions and spent time speaking to each student as she personalized their books. Milena Kirin ‘26 was able to pose her question to the crowd and ask Justice Sotomayor, “How did your personal differences and experiences growing up prepare and motivate you to become such an accomplished judge and person?” The Justice spoke about having Type I diabetes and how the discipline she acquired by dealing with that life long condition helped teach her responsibility which she translated to other aspects of her life.
This was a thrilling experience for all who attended and we are especially proud of our own leading women!
Justice Sotomayor requests these photos remain private and not be posted on social media. We received permission to post on the school website and in the newsletter. Thank you.
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