Juniors Throw Away Political Assumptions and Preconceptions

Carolyn Thompson's junior government class got right to work on day one.
On the first day of school, Carolyn Thompson Tapp’s Government class was told that unlike Chemistry or even U.S. History, the girls come to Government with a lot of assumptions and preconceptions about politics and government. Their first assignment was to write those down on a note card and throw it in the trash. This exercise encourages them to walk through the door of her classroom with open minds, ready to dive into our study of government and politics. As always, Ms. Tapp reinforces that her job is not to change their minds or undermine what they've learned at home but instead to help them formulate their own ideas and arguments about the role of government and the responsibilities of citizenship based on the knowledge and understanding they gain from the course. The juniors also discussed the importance of taking a course in Government -- to learn what they can do to change their world.
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