Grandparent Donors

Donors from July 1, 2020 to November 17, 2020
Mrs. Harriet Wilson Balart ’64
In Honor Of
Merrill L. Balart 2033

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Banta
In Honor Of
Campbell G. Banta 2026
Paige M. Banta 2028

Mr. and Mrs. Emmanuel Blessey
In Honor Of
Sarah S. Blessey 2025

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Burlingame IV
     (Julie Waters ’77)
In Honor Of
Lee M. Eagan LG
McCall A. Eagan LG

Mr. and Mrs. Lamie R. Chatelain, Jr.
In Honor Of
Audrey E. O'Neill 2024

Mr. and Mrs. Louis G. Cian, Jr.
     (Jeanie Crane '72)
In Honor Of
Evelyn W. Garriott 2033
Sybil M. Garriott LG

Mrs. Maureen E. Gilly
In Honor Of
Juliet V. Moeller 2032

Mr. and Mrs. Don W. Harvey
In Honor Of
Lelia R. Spurlock LG

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Hassinger
In Honor Of
Elizabeth W. Drennan 2021
Elizabeth M. Schmidt 2022
Anna Schmidt 2024

Mr. and Mrs. Brent M. Holl
In Honor Of
Miriam F. Kennedy 2028

Mr. and Mrs. Max W. Maxwell
In Honor Of
Minor Maxwell M. Strachan LG

Mr. and Mrs. Sonny Shields
     (Laura Shaw '72)
In Honor Of
Emma S. Edgecombe 2030
Caroline H. Edgecombe LG

Dr. Paul Tibbits and Dr. Mercedes Tibbits
In Honor Of
Aurora V. Oxman 2031

Mrs. Paula B. Walsh
In Honor Of
Gabriella M. White 2024

Mr. and Mrs. George V. Young
In Honor Of
George V. Meeks LG
Peter K. Meeks LG

Carol Messermith, Grandparent of Claiborne ‘16, Caroline ‘18, Claire ‘20 and Mary Catherine ‘22 - The Beary Girls

For 14 years, McGehee School has nurtured, guided and educated my four granddaughters. All the girls are doing well academically, have participated in student council and enjoy extracurricular activities. McGehee has prepared and is preparing the girls to move on to college and the world. As a former drama teacher,one aspect that I particularly appreciate is that each is comfortable to perform in front of an audience! My eldest granddaughter will attend a very prestigious college in the fall of this year. 'Bravo, McGehee!' I heartily support you.

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