GiveNOLA Day Donors

Thank you to the 922 donors who raised $324,380 for our school this GiveNOLA Day. Thanks to our generous donors McGehee and Little Gate place #1 for dollars raised, #3 for number of donors, and of course, #1 school in the city

last updated May 5, 2021 12:00 a.m. CST
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Anonymous (36)
Dr. and Mrs. William K. Accousti
Ms. Caroline B. Acomb ’15

Ms. Catherine M. Acomb ’07
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Acomb
     (Kirsten Jahncke ’77)
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Adams
     (Charlotte Whann ’87)
Mrs. Brooke Burlingame Adams ’04
Mrs. Nell Emery Adams '77
Dr. Harriet G. Aguiar-Netto
Ms. Justine Aguiar ’85
Ms. Zoë A. Alexander ’13
Mr. Gary Alipio and Ms. Lisa Williams
Dr. Mark M. Allen and Mrs. Jennifer Bernard-Allen
Mrs. Molly Spencer Allen ’70
Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Allen
Ms. Virginia L. Alpaugh ’11
Ms. Donice Alverson ’65
Mrs. Virginia Haddow Amoni ’73
Mrs. Dunbar Amoss
Miss Ainsley Ancira '26
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley M. Ancira
Ms. Martha Andry-Zimmering '69
Mr. and Mrs. Hudson C. Ansley
Ms. Donna G. Apgar ’60
Ms. Jeanné Appelget
Mr. and Mrs. Andreas Argenti
Mr. Scott Armand
Mr. Omar Armstrong
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Babin, Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. Simon J. Babin
Mr. and Ms. Wayne M. Babovich
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Baer

Mrs. Anne Shamblin Baillio ’58
Mr. and Mrs. W. Anderson Baker III
Mrs. Harriet Wilson Balart ’64
Mr. and Mrs. Luis E. Balart
Mr. Michael A. Balascio and Ms. Hannah C. Dietsch
Mr. and Mrs. Ben H. Banta
     (Kathleen Viguerie ’95)
Miss Campbell Banta ’26
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Banta
Mrs. Julie M. Barca
Pamby, Avery, & Sara Barfield
Mrs. Constance Carriere Barkley ’55
Ms. Virginia Barkley ’82

Mrs. Hannah Tyler Barry ’11
Mr. and Mrs. Morris Bart
Mr. Jeffrey J. Basalla and Ms. Kathy Cox
Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Batten
Mr. Richard E. Baudouin and Ms. Theresa R. Becher
Mr. and Mrs. Kristen M. Baumer
Mrs. Cade Stockmeyer Beach ’70
Ms. Kelly Becker ’96
Mr. and Mrs. Clay D. Beery

Dr. Rosaire J. Belizaire
Ms. Aggie Bell ’13
Mrs. Aimée Favrot Bell ’82
Mrs. Jeanne Hopkins Bendana ’87
Mrs. Adelaide Wisdom Benjamin ’50

Dr. Allyson D. Bennett
Ms. Muriel D. Bennett
Ms. Caroline C. Benoit ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Dale A. Benoit
Mr. David J. Bergeron and Dr. Catherine M. Cresson
Mrs. Erin Deeves Bernard ’73
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Bernard
Mrs. Margot Kepper Berry ’72
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Bethune, IV
Ms. Jennifer Biernacki
Dr. and Ms. Warren M. Billings

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Blanque
     (Meredith Wilson '01)
Mr. Shannon Bingham and Ms. Kathryn G. Burke '06
Mr. E. Christian Blessey and Dr. Karen Busenlener Blessey ’87
Mrs. Nancy Davies Blouin ’73
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Blum
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Bodet
Mrs. Minnette Bickel Boesel ’67
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W. Bond IV

Ms. Jaime M. Bonnecarrere ’01
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Bossier, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Jude Boudreaux
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Bowen, Jr.
Ms. Bonnie Baird Boyd ’67
Mrs. Suzanne Carrere Boyd '65
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Bradford III
     (Charlotte Russell ’85)
Ms. Eve Bradford
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Brady
     (Caroline Monsted ’90)
Mrs. Katie DeBruhl Branch '07
Mr. and Mrs. Gary H. Brewster, Jr.
Mr. Drew A. Broach and Ms. Robin Peters
Mr. and Mrs. B. Lane Brown Esq.
Ms. Caroline H. Brown ’12
Mrs. Greyson Haddad Brown ’77
Mrs. Kathryn Lewis Browning ’65
Mrs. Carla Corona Brundige ’93

Mrs. Janice R. Bruno
Mr. and Mrs. John Bruton
Mr. and Mrs. E. Macaulay Bruton

Mr. and Mrs. J. Randolph Bryan
Ms. Lucy S. Bryan ’19
Mr. Clay W. Bryant and Mrs. Daniela Rivero Bryant
Mr. Michael J. Bucher and Dr. Elizabeth F. Bucher

Mr. Richard Buchsbaum and Dr. Bethaney J. Vincent
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Buchtel
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan L. Budde, Esq.
Dr. Cuong Q. Bui and Dr. Erin E. Biro
Mrs. Ann Parkerson Burke '64
Mr. Bryan J. Burkey and Ms. Leslie E. Castay
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Burlette, Jr.
Mrs. Julia Waters Burlingame ’77
Mrs. Cynthia Fromherz Bush ’70
Mr. and Mrs. Kimberlin Butcher 
    ( Helen Nalty '88)
Ms. Laura Butcher '19
Mrs. Kathrine Williams Butler ’85
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Caballero

Dr. Hector M. Cabrera and Ms. Carlotta Pelikan
Ms. Anne Cafiero

Mrs. Amelie Wogan Cagle ’65
Mrs. Katherine L. M. Cahill
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Callan
Mr. and Mrs. Diego Camp
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Campbell, III
Ms. Nicole Canedo
Major and Mrs. Christian T. Cannon

Mr. Samuel J. Cappo, P.E. and Mrs. Katherine Webster
Dr. and Mrs. John R. Carradine
Ms. Lucy M. Carradine ’20
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Carrere

Mrs. Jacqueline Wolfe Carroll ’65
Dr. Mary Clare Carruth ’73
Mrs. Nancy Jane Wendel Carson ’65
Mrs. Beth Stocker Cary ’50
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Castro
Mrs. Katherine Goldstein Catlin '99
Mr. Jules R. Cattie and Dr. Rabia L. Cattie

Mrs. Grace Lyman Caudill ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Cave
Dr. Paul C. Celestre and Dr. Miranda D. Celestre
Mrs. Ann Clayton Pizzo Chamberlain ’82
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan N. Charbonnet
Mrs. Meg Kostmayer Charbonnet '74
Ms. Charlotte Christman ’73
Ms. Genevieve Christy ’65
Mrs. Gary Baker Churchill ’52

Mr. and Mrs. Louis G. Cian, Jr.
     (Jeanie Crane ’72)
Ms. Isabel McCay Clark '74
Mr. and Mrs. Lucas O. Clary
Ms. Elsa D. Claverie ’59
Mrs. Ethel Bush Clay ’60
Mrs. Kathie F. Clinton
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk E. Coco
     (Danielle Viguerie ’98)
Mr. and Mrs. J. Grant Coleman
Mrs. Heather Pickney Conigliaro ’98
Mr. Barrett Conrad and Ms. Emily Moran
Ms. Kathryn Conroy ’73

The Honorable Charlotte M. Cooksey ’65
Mrs. Jenna Cooley ’74
Mrs. Helen Singreen Cooper ’65
Mrs. Elizabeth Jones Corey ’59
Mr. and Mrs. Philip F. Cossich, Jr.
Mr. Philip F. Cossich and Dr. Sarah J. Cossich
Mr. and Mrs. J. Louis Costa
Mr. and Mrs. Eric A. Cowan

Mrs. Ruth St. Martin Ulmer Cranch ’64
Ms. Elinor Crews '72
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Cromwell
     (Sally Boone ’72)
Mr. Joel Castillo Cruz
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Culotta
     (Renee Gluth ’89)
Mrs. Nancy Newton Cummins ’61

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cummins
Mrs. Jean H. Curran

Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Currence, Jr.
     (Mathilde Villere ’89)
Mr. Richard M. Currence, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Guy C. Curry

Mrs. Alicia K. Curtis
Mrs. Marcy Monrose Curtis ’78
Mrs. Nanine S. d'Aquin
Mr. and Mrs. Dirk B. Danos
Mr. and Mrs. Reed J. Danos
Mr. and Mrs. Alton L. Darby
Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Darden
Ms. Elisabeth Dart ’77
Mr. Waldo Daussat Jr.
Mrs. Jean Clement Davidson ’61
Mrs. Amelie Matthews Davis ’64
Mr. and Mrs. Brent Davis
Mrs. Kathleen Pratt Davis ’78
Mrs. Susie Weston Davis ’90
Mrs. Evelyn Bush de Laureal ’69
Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Dean
Mr. Delaney DeJean and Ms. Julee LaPorte
Dr. and Mrs. Patrick M. Dennis

Mrs. Karen D. Depp
Mrs. Natalie Derham
Mrs. Jacklyn Jones Derks ’54
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gerald DeSalvo Jr.
Ms. Joan Meredith Diamond ’02

Mrs. Mary Kock Dickson ’69
Mrs. Mary McDonald Stephens Dillon ’77
Mr. and Mrs. Carling L. Dinkler, IV
Mrs. Mary Frances Gregorio Dobry '06

Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey L. Dobson
Mrs. Elsa Gruen Dobson ’64
Mrs. Julie Kahle Domingue ’02
Dr. Benjamin J. Dorton and Dr. Alexandra H. Fairchild
Mrs. Susan Terkuhle Doss ’66
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Doussan, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Downing
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Doyle
     (Laurie Ellis ’75)
Ms. Wendy Drapanas ’77
Ms. Charlotte H. Drennan '09
Mrs. Douglas G. Drennan II
    (Cathy Hassinger '87)
Ms. Whitney S. Drennan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Drew
Mrs. Thomas Drew
Mrs. Caroline Benton Drumm ’52
Ms. Callan C. Dry ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Gene R. Dry
     (Kristen Martty ’79)
Mrs. Margo Jackson DuBos ’74
Ms. Danya Duffy
Mr. Benjamin Duke and Ms. Kristin L. A. Wolfe
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Duke
      (Meredith Brown ’97)
Ms. Jeanne Dumestre ’68
Mrs. Aimée Rhodes Dunaway ’95
Ms. Nina Dunbar ’77

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin A. Dupuy
Ms. Margaret Duzane
Mrs. Halley Hennington Eagan '04
Mr. and Mrs. Lee R. Eagan
     (Caroline Burlingame '07)
Mrs. Anne Kimble Eaton ’69
Ms. Jen Eckert
Mrs. Ann Ellinghausen Ecuyer 87
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Edgecombe
Mrs. Deborah Flowers Edgerton ’65
Dr. Anne O. Edmunds Aguirre ’89
Mr. Christopher G. Edwards and Ms. Valerie Uccellani
Mrs. Ashley Bowman Ellis ’95
Mr. and Ms. John C. Ellis
Mr. Daniel L. Engelberg and Ms. Jee Park
Ms. Leah N. Engelhardt
Mrs. Luz Escobar
Ms. Angelita Espino
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Faherty, Jr.
Mrs. Sarah Montgomery Falgoust ’72
Ms. Erin Fallon

Mr. and Mrs. Ian Falshaw
Ms. Maggie E. Falshaw ’18
Mrs. David Farnsworth
     (Bootie Born ’59)
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Favrot, Jr.
Ms. Laura A. Feher
Mr. Gabe Feldman and Ms. Abby Gaunt

Mrs. Mary d'Aquin Fergusson ’58
Mrs. Linda Kostmayer Feringa ’58
Mrs. Monica Mega Fernandez ’00

Mrs. Jane Jones Fickle ’64
Dr. Kimberly Field-Marvin and Mr. Michael Marvin
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Fields
Mrs. Kathy Bell Finney ’85
Ms. Leigh C. Fischer
Dr. Conar P. Fitton and Dr. Natalie Y. Fitton
Mr. and Mrs. Brian C. Fitzpatrick
Ms. Linda Flanagan & Mr. Jason Kelley
Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher D. W. Fitzpatrick

Ms. Paula Fletcher
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Flower
     (Donna Diboll ’63)
Mr. and Mrs. Chad S. Folse
     (Courtney Bowman ’02)
Mrs. Jeanne E. Foster
Ms. Becca S. Fox and Mr. Michael G. Favor

Mr. John M. Fox and Ms. Camille Patti
Mrs. Beverly Robert Frater ’64
Mrs. Kathleen Maginnis Frater ’63
Mrs. Antoinette de Bonneval Frederick ’47
Capt. Amanda Thompson Frey ’04
Mrs. Margaret Logan Fried ’72
Mrs. Ruth Jones Frierson ’58
Mrs. Suzanne Wolfe Fromherz ’66
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Fuller Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. William Gahagan
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Gainey, III
     (Suzanne Danos ’88)
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Gallagher
Mrs. Jeanette Ogden Galpin ’77

Ms. Tina Gambrell
Mr. Feng Gao and Dr. Lingling Du
The Gardner Family
Mrs. Kathleen McKee Garey ’76
Mr. and Mrs. C Miles Garriott
     (Megan Cian '04)
Ms. Carroll I. Gelderman ’11
Mrs. Katherine Waters Gelderman ’79
Mr. and Mrs. Todd R. Gennardo
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Gentry
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Gentry
Mrs. Allison Brennand George '65
Dr. and Ms. Ioannis Y. Georgiou
Mr. Jeffrey D. Germond and Dr. Andrea D. Germond
Mrs. Andrea Giacomino

Mrs. Charlotte Andry Gibbs ’65
Mr. Brian A. Gilbert and Ms. Evelyn A. Bevis

Mrs. Maureen E. Gilly
Miss Bowie Gilmore ’29
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan A. Gilmore
Miss Rigby Gilmore ’29
Mrs. Margi Hines Godfrey ’63
Mrs. Margee Newman Godwin ’77

Mrs. Nancy P. Goldstein
Mr. and Mrs. Orlando A. Gonzalez
Mr. Jeffrey Good and Dr. Caroline Good
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Good
Mrs. Deborah Broadwell Gordon ’72
Dr. and Mrs. Clay Gould

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Grandal
Mr. and Mrs. Jean B. C. Graugnard II
Mrs. Blanche Kirchhoff Gray ’62

Mr. Ramsey Green and Mrs. Danielle Del Sol
Mrs. Camille Greenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Steven I. Greenebaum
Mr. and Mrs. Steven F. Griffith, Jr.
Mrs. Melissa Simon Grodin '02
Mr. Lenin Guerrero and Ms. Lydia H. Witte ’06
Mrs. Lizabeth Wittmann Guerry ’77
Mrs. Terry Morrow Guice ’64
Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Guidroz
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Guidry
Mr. and Mrs. Darren M. Guillot
     (Angela Cole ’87)
Mrs. Charlotte Stern Guirao ’67
Mrs. Linda Gough Gunkel '53
Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Guth
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar M. Gwin IV
     (Dottee Dupuy ’97)
Mrs. Kelsey Zeitzer Haddow '09
Mrs. Bethany Simmons Hadelman ’88

Ms. Amanda M. Hagood
Mr. and Mrs. William K. Hagood, Sr.
Judge Madeline Hughes Haikala ’82
Mrs. Clare Harpham Hall ’02
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Halliday
     (Caroline Stokes ’12)
Mr. and Mrs. Jay B. Halprin
Mrs. Sandy Suhren Hamblin ’69
Mr. and Mrs. Wade B. Hammett
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hamric
Mr. Tommy Haney
Ms. Nancy Hansen
Dr. John C. Hardeman and Dr. Jennifer K. Durst
Mr. and Mrs. Allain F. Hardin
Mrs. Lesley Fromherz Hardin ’72
Dr. Eric M. Hardy and Ms. A. Lee Levert ’81
Mrs. Louise Terkuhle Hargon ’64
Mrs. Claudia Harold ’64

Ms. Pearlissa S. Harris '12
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Harris
Mrs. Vikki Muller Harris ’72
Mr. and Mrs. Don W. Harvey
Ms. Zinnyah E. Hasan
Mrs. Maura D'Antoni Hawkins '53
Mrs. Lauren Sedlander Haworth '02
Mr. and Mrs. Evan Hayes
Mrs. Elizabeth Slatten Healy ’86
Ms. Annabelle Hebert ’63
Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Heffernan
Mr. Raymond Henderson and Ms. Alison Wells
Mrs. Charlotte Young Henry ’09
Ms. Nancy Pacella Herin ’86
Ms. Rainell L. Hernandez
Mr. Brian M. Herzog and Mrs. Carly N. Chelminiak
Mrs. Danielle Lambert Heuer ’85
Mrs. Marcelle LeBlanc Hickey ’58

Ms. Lindsey Hickman
Mrs. Wanda F. Hickman
Mr. and Mrs. Adam J. Hill

Mr. and Mrs. Hunter G. Hill, Sr.
Mrs. Kimberly H. Himel
Ms. Mary P. Hiza
Mr. and Mrs. Brent M. Holl
Mrs. Jane Reddy Hobson '53
Mrs. Beth Branigan Hock ’97
Ms. Virginia Holbrook ’74

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Holmes
Mrs. Deborah Ziegler Hopkins ’69
Mrs. Caroline L. Huber

Mr. Jeremy Hunnewell and Ms. Genevieve Pope
Mrs. Lauren Bowling Huray ’00

Mrs. Anne Perez Inabnett ’64
Mrs. Dorothy Ewin Isacks ’64
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip L. Israel
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Jackson
Mrs. Jani D. Jackson-Ponce
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Jahncke
Mrs. Susan Baus Jaubert ’79
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel T. Jaynes
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Johnson
Ms. De'Andra J. Johnson ’14
Ms. Jean L. Johnson ’67
Mrs. Martee Stephens Johnson ’73
Mrs. Sally Chapman Johnson ’59
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Johnston
     (Anne Usry ’72)

Dr. Michelle K. Johnston
Mr. and Mrs. Hans A. B. Jonassen
     (Pierce Landry ’60)
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Jones, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne S. Jones

Ms. Kimberly Christina Jones '98
Mr. and Ms. Bruce M. Jordan Esq.
     (Suzie Kleck ’76)

Dr. C. Frank Jordan and Dr. Simone Pitre
Ms. Virginia Derby Jordan '64
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Joseph
     (Wendy Corona '88)
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald F. Joseph
     (Helen Shaw ’64)
Mr. and Mrs. Morris L. Kahn
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Kammer
Mrs. Lindsay Lassen Kane ’04
Ms. Stacy Karavich ’98
Mr. Ross J. Karsen and Ms. Sarah E. Wiseman
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Kaston
Mr. and Mrs. Josh Kaston
Mr. and Mrs. Charles V. Kehoe, II
Mr. and Mrs. P. Alden Kellogg
Ms. Amanda L. Kennedy

Mr. Steven A. Kennedy and Ms. Jessica F. Holl
Mrs. Jane Baldwin Kent ’59
Mr. Mukul Kewalramani and Dr. Vandana S. Kewalramani
Mr. and Ms. David G. Kidd
Ms. Laura Lee Killeen ’68
Mrs. Felice Viguerie Killian '93
Ms. Alberta G. King
Ms. Jolynn H. King
Ms. Julie A. King
Ms. MiaRose X. King ’20

Mr. and Mrs. Rhett E. King
Ms. Sirina K. King ’20
Mr. William C. Kirby and Ms. Candice Quates

Mr. Damon A. Kirin
Mrs. Linda Lastrapes Kitchen ’60
Mrs. Frances McIntyre Knight ’85

Mrs. Gillian M. Knight
Mrs. Libby Stephens Knowles ’72
Ms. Anne Stewart Kock ’09
Mr. and Mrs. E. James Kock III
Dr. Philip G. Kogos and Dr. Amanda B. Kogos

Mrs. Ret Bohmfalk Kolbenschlag ’76
Mrs. Cynthia Cowart Kolls ’77

Mrs. Henriette R. Kolombatovich
Mr. and Ms. Muhammad M. Korejo
Mrs. Kathryn Smith Korengold '08

Ms. Elaine Kozlowski
Mr. Gregory J. Kozlowski and Dr. Eirinn E. Erny
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt R. Kramer
Ms. Loretta Krasnow
Dr. Stephen T. Kraus and Ms. Sally Gaden
Mrs. Sandra Kreitner
Ms. Randi Kuhne ’71
Ms. Peyton L. Kullander '18

Mr. Mark A. Kutash
Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Kutsch
Mrs. Camille Keenan Laborde ’11
Mrs. Anne Doswell Labouchere ’61
Ms. Marguerite F. Labouisse ’65
Ms. Caitlyn LaChute

Mr. and Mrs. Jean Paul Lagarde
Mrs. Beverly R. Lamb
Mrs. Jordan Samford Lambert ’02
Mrs. Amelie Stewart Lanaux ’74

Ms. Christen C. Landry
Ms. Sara Laurelli
Dr. and Mrs. Todd E. Layman
Ms. Lisa D. Leach ’72
Ms. Mathilde Stone Leary ’63

Ms. Margaret Leatherbury
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan R. LeBlanc
Mrs. Penny Pardue LeBourgeois ’59
Mrs. Gladys Gay LeBreton ’38
Mrs. Anne Murphy Leche ’74

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley S. Leckert
Dr. Erica Lee ’04
Mr. and Mrs. Wendell B. LeGardeur
Mrs. Susan Potts LeGros ’71
Ms. Camille Lemann
Ms. Gabrielle Lemonier ’12
Ms. Kelly Levasseur
Mr. Seth A. Levine and Mrs. Alexa L. Pulitzer

Mr. Dale Lewis and Mrs. Constance Barkley-Lewis ’79
Ms. Emily Lewis
Mrs. Kertrina W. Lewis
The Liederman Family
Mr. and Mrs. Byron A. Lilly
Mrs. Katherine Cian London ’01
Ms. Lisa Long ’04

Mrs. Kitty Kroll Longman ’73
Mrs. Michele Lafaye Lopiccolo ’77
Mrs. Becker Rutledge Lorenzen ’69

Mrs. Carolyn Wood Lorio ’77
Mr. and Mrs. Willis A. Lovell
Mr. Aaron Luther
Mrs. Caroline Lowrey Luz ’78
Mrs. Rayne Simpson Lykes ’79

Mrs. Eugenie Lyman ’77 and Dr. Robert McLaren
Mr. Guy C. Lyman III
Ms. Cameron H. Lyon
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Lyon
Mrs. Irene Mackenroth
Mr. Kevin Mackenroth
Mrs. Nina Newlin Mackie ’65
Mrs. Catherine Vayda MacVaugh ’77
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Madison
Mr. Israel O. Magee and Dr. Erica T. Magee
Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. Mahfouz
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Mahfouz
Mrs. Sarah Pizzo Maholchic ’96

Ms. Catherine N. Makk
Ms. Marilyn C. Maloney ’68 and Mr. Paul Longstreth
Dr. Barbara Manard ’63
Ms. Ellie Mantis ’92
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Marino, Jr.
Ms. Loren M. Marino

Mr. and Mrs. Grayson A. Marloff
Mrs. James E. Marlow
     (Corinne Thomas ’59)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Marshall, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard C. Marshall
Ms. Emma T. Martello ’15
Mr. David B. Martin
Dr. Murphy P. Martin and Dr. Jane C. Martin
Mrs. Ruth A. Martin
Ms. Sarah Martzolf ’96

Mrs. Jean Marvin
Mr. Michael Marvin and Ms. Weatherly Chapdelaine
Mr. Sam Marvin and Ms. Charlotte Reilly
Mrs. Pat Crane Mason ’55
Ms. Shelley Massengale
Ms. Emilee J. Masters ’11
Ms. Megan E. Masters '09

Mrs. Jane Alexander Mathes ’61
Mrs. Linda LeGardeur Maumus ’64
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mayer
     (Cammie Kock ’71)
Mrs. Carolyn Gelbke McCall ’57
Mrs. Sherrill Sinnott McCausland ’65
Mrs. Frank R. McClellan
     (Susan Waechter ’59)

Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. McCloskey
     (Joey Grace ’60)
Ms. Betsy McCrory
Dr. Catherine Geoghegan McDermott ’02 and Mr. Bryan P. McDermott
Mrs. Natsue T. McDonald
Mrs. Sally Waechter McGehee ’64

Dr. and Ms. Patrick R. McGrew
Mr. and Mrs. Brett A. McLaughlin
Ms. Katherine Steinmayer McLean ’49
Ms. Carolyn McLellan ’67
Mrs. Jean Gibert McLellan '77
Mr. Scott McLetchie and Ms. Amelia McCarthy

Mr. and Mrs. L. Richards McMillan II
     (Lynne Pottharst ’65)
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. McNames
Mrs. Bebe Chapman McRae ’64
Mrs. Sarah Sharp Meckstroth ’77
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Meeks
    (Bess Young ’06)
Dr. Neha H. Mehta
Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Menge, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Max E. Merlin
     (Elise Lapeyre ’87)
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Merrill
Mrs. Cree Merriman-Jourdain
Ms. Jennifer Meserole
Mrs. Dana Parks Messina ’96
Ms. Amanda E. Meyer ’13
Mrs. Maria C. Meyer
Mrs. Cornelia Elizabeth Smith Meyers ’74
Mrs. Lynn McIlhenny Meyers '65
Mrs. Anne Balart Michaels ’94
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Miller
     (Enid Murphy ’82)
Ms. Jamie A. Miller ’12

Mr. and Mrs. Ross L. Miller
Mrs. Susan Andry Milling ’64
Mrs. Rebecca Kastl Millsap ’98
Mr. and Mrs. Brendan Minihan, Sr.
Mr. Mark A. Mintz and Ms. Jennifer L. Kitner
Dr. and Prof. Gregory C. Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew A. Moeller

Mrs. Marie Shannon Monroe ’73
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Monsted, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Montgomery
Ms. Emilie Alston Harrison Montgomery ’03
Mr. and Mrs. J. Baldwin Montgomery
Ms. Susan Tufts Moore ’65
Ms. Jacquelyn Moran

Mrs. Elizabeth Conroy Morris ’77
Ms. Corinne Ann Morrison ’65
Mrs. Helen Bailey Morrison '76
Ms. Emathieus L. Moses
Mr. W. Howard Moses
Mrs. Robert K. Moyer
     (Micey Prados ’59)
Mr. Alan Mumford
Mr. and Mrs. Ian M. Mundee
Ms. Marky Murphy
Mrs. Andy P. Myer
Mrs. Judith Ryan Myers ’62
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Myhre
     (Emily Gilbert ’98)
Mrs. Nancy Rowland Nahan ’78
Mrs. Courtney Perschall Nalty '98
Mrs. Elizabeth Shaw Nalty ’60
Ms. Jill K. Nalty
Mr. Morgan S. Nalty
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander C. Navarro Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Garrison P. Neill
Mrs. Corinne Wood Nettleton '75
Mr. and Mrs. Jason C. Niemann
Mr. and Mrs. James Nieset
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Nilges
Ms. Amie Nissenbaum
Mrs. James C. Noble, Sr.
     (Reid Barkerding ’63)
Ms. Amy Nusbaum 
Michael and Rachael Nusbaum
Ms. Evon R. O'Brien ’11
Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. O'Brien
Mrs. Jennifer Powell O'Brien ’80
Ms. Shawn O'Brien ’77
Mrs. Adelaide Charbonnet O'Connor ’62
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Odem
Ms. Rosemary L. Odem '19
Mr. and Mrs. Colin Offner
     (Sarah Babovich ’96)
Dr. Beverly Ogden-Dickinson ’75
Mrs. Deborah Ogden Smith ’70
Mr. and Mrs. Jude A. Olinger
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Orth
Mr. James E. Orth and Ms. Tess Bradford

Ms. Jeanie Osborne
Ms. Kathleen Padian
Mr. Whiton M. Paine and Dr. Archana R. Paine
Ms. Donna B. Paramore
Ms. Lynne C. Parker ’65
Ms. Mary L. Paterson ’81
Mrs. Amie Fischer Paul ’68
Dr. Nicholas Pejic and Dr. Laura Niditch '02
Dr. Elizabeth C. Penick ’52
Ms. Amelia E. Perret ’20
Ms. Grace J. Perret ’16
Mr. and Mrs. William Claiborne Perrilliat, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Perrilliat III
     (Carter Jahncke ’98)
Mrs. Maria Johness Perrotte ’73
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Person
Ms. Caralena Peterson
Mrs. Joan Murphy Peterson ’65
Mrs. Linda Curry Peterson '64
Mrs. Ruth Ward Petras ’83
Mr. and Mrs. Esmond Phelps III
     (Margaret Sanders ’72)
Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel P. Phillips Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Phillips
Mrs. Harriet Moore Pickard '60
Mrs. Carol Cappel Pickney ’62

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Pies
Mr. and Mrs. Shaun F. Pies
Ms. Debby Pigman
Ms. Harriet McFaul Pilger '66
Mr. Bladimir Pineda
Ms. Sohad Pineda
Mr. and Mrs. Reese B. Pinney
Mrs. Charlotte Livingston Piotrowski ’89
Mrs. Sheela Burke Plater ’58
Ms. Catherine P. Plessala ’18
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Plessala
Dr. Antonio Polanco and Ms. Clelia Douyon

Mrs. Jane Riess Pope ’67
Mrs. Sherryanne Boyce Porter ’79
Mrs. Catherine Maunsell Posey ’63
The Pospisil Family
     (Taylor Schmidt '02)
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Sanders Powell
Ms. Eileen F. Powers
Mrs. Susan Hurth Price ’60
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. R. Prokop
Ms. Sydney A. Proze ’10
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Pullen
Mrs. Heidi Jahncke Qualey ’80
Mr. Damon Rachal and Dr. Jill Vincent
Dr. Patrick Rafail and Dr. Katherine Johnson
Mrs. Jeannette Liebman Ramoni ’62
Ms. Dona S. Ratterree ’66
Mr. Brandon D. Ray and Dr. Vivian P. Ray
Mrs. Elizabeth Halsey Register ’65
Mr. and Mrs. Laywood T. Richard
Ms. Melissa Richard
Mrs. Claire Samford Richards ’07
Mr. and Mrs. John Keary Richards
     (Gretchen Fritchie ’07)
Mrs. Margot Martinez Richart ’82
Mr. and Mrs. Scott V. Rickert
Ms. Tiffany Rieveschl
Mr. and Mrs. Eric M. Rigby
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Rivas
Mrs. Jennie Novotny Robbins '91
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Robert

Mr. and Ms. Jean L. Robert
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Robert
Mrs. Ann Stockmeyer Roberts ’73
Dr. and Mrs. Brett Roberts
Mrs. Bonita Robertson-Hardy ’02

Mrs. Deborah Stern Robinson ’69
Ms. Melissa Roddy ’77
Mrs. Elizabeth McIlhenny Rodriguez ’69
Mr. Kevin Rogers and Ms. Erin Bambrick
Ms. Gabbie Romano '95
Mr. and Mrs. C. Perrin Rome III
Mr. and Mrs. Curt Rome
Ms. Bayley Romig
Mrs. Marjorie Zander Rosemond ’52
Mr. and Mrs. D. Skylar Rosenbloom
Ms. Leslie Rovin
Mrs. Diane Smith Rowell ’54
The Royster Family
Mrs. Gail Schoonmaker Ruddock ’66
Mrs. James Ryan III
     (Beth Woodward ’59)
Mrs. Adrienne Hammer Rynning ’78
Ms. Elizabeth Sabrio
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Sackey

Mr. and Ms. Richard Saizan
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Samford, Jr.

Ms. Cynthia Ann Samuel ’65
Mrs. Marlene Molaison Samuel ’65
Ms. Hannah L. Sanders ’03
Mr. and Mrs. David Sansing, Jr.
Mrs. Renee Sauber
Mr. Madhav Saxena
Dr. Emily H. Scalise

Prof. Ronald J. Scalise and Prof. Sally B. Richardson
Miss Samantha Scalise '26
Mrs. Lydia Scanlon '70
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Schaefer
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace E. Schaefer III
Mr. and Ms. T. Gregory Schafer
Mrs. Nancy Trousdale Schenecker ’53
Monya Gray Scherzer ’53
Miss Anna Schmidt ’24
Mrs. Catherine Claiborne Schmidt ’65
Miss Ellie Schmidt ’22

Mr. and Mrs. Justin B. Schmidt
     (Mary Hassinger ’88)
Ms. Marguerite C. Schmidt ’20
Mrs. Suzanne Seemann Schneidau ’61

Mrs. Gretchen Schneider ’92
Mrs. Leila Flournoy Schumacher '47
Ms. Dana Schunter
Ms. Susan Schunter

Mrs. Deborah Cromwell Schupp '66
Dr. and Mrs. John C. Schwartz

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Scott
Mr. and Mrs. G. Arthur Seaver III
Ms. Caroline E. Seelman ’18
Ms. Katherine Seligman
Mr. and Mrs. Roy N. Sellers, Jr.
Mrs. Patricia Klenk Semes ’74

Mrs. Yvette Young Semmes ’77
Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Serou

Ms. Katherine L. Shannon ’71
Mrs. Maude Saunders Sharp ’51
Mr. and Mrs. Neil K. Sharma
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Sheppard
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin D. Sherman
Mrs. Susan Crane Sherwood ’66
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd S. Shields 
     (Laura Shaw '72)
Mr. Alexcear H. Short and Dr. Glenda S. Johnson
Mrs. Liz Murphy Simchuk ’78
Mrs. Christia Carpenter Simmons ’75

Mrs. Kirk Eley Simoneaux ’76
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Simons
Mrs. Lisa P. Sinders
Mr. and Mrs. Randal F. Singer
Mr. and Mrs. Jarmaine T. Singleton

Mr. and Mrs. Brad A. Skeen
Ms. Allison E. Slatten '10
Mrs. Dana Walter Slavett ’90

Ms. Reece Beesley Small ’65
Mrs. Elizabeth Maunsell Smith ’65
Mrs. Joyce Barkerding Smith ’72
Mrs. Taylor Bank Smith ’06
Mrs. Katherine Makle Smith-Brooks ’56
Ms. Lauren Snider '00
Mrs. Claudia Saleeby Spence ’59
Mr. Danny Spreafico and Mrs. Laura Lamartina Spreafico
Ms. Bailey M. Spurlock ’18
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Spurlock
Mrs. Katherine Weil Spurlock ’85
Mr. Robert J. Stakenborghs and Ms. Corrie W. Pellerin ’01

Ms. Alexandra d. l. V. St. Paul ’73
Mrs. Bonnie Christensen St. Paul ’59
Mrs. Katharine Salmon St. Paul ’77
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Stanson
Mrs. Joan Matthews Starr ’60
Ms. Emily C. Steele ’14

Mrs. Melissa Douglass Steiner ’80
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Steinfeld
Mrs. Eugenia B. Stern
Mr. Gordon Stewart and Ms. Tania Tetlow
Mrs. Marietta Moyer Stirratt ’53
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Stokes
     (Sarah Lapeyre ’04)
Ms. Elizabeth R. Stockmeyer ’17

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Stockmeyer
Mr. and Mrs. Langdon H. Stone
     (Linda Sanders ’70)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Stone
Mrs. Lenora Costa Stout ’01

Mr. and Mrs. Minor S. P. Strachan
     (Meredith Maxwell ’97)
Mrs. Mary Ann McLellan Stroker ’58
Ms. Mary L. Strong
Mrs. Lettice Binnings Stuart ’64
Mrs. Kathleen Springer Stukenborg ’82
Dr. Salvador J. Suau and Dr. Liane M. Germond
Mr. Mark Sulkes

Mrs. Marin Manguno Sullivan ’91
Mrs. Carroll Waters Summerour ’71
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Summerour
Mr. Jonathan O. Sumter and Ms. Timolynn N. Sams
Mrs. Mary C. Stockmeyer
Mrs. Jenny Sundell

Mr. and Mrs. Slater W. Swartwood
Mrs. Michele Coiron Swartz ’72
Dr. Leopoldo Tablante

Mrs. Susan Erlanger Talbot ’76
Mrs. Wendy Wehrmann Taliaferro ’60
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Tallant
Mrs. Carolyn T. Tapp

Dr. and Mrs. Scott M. Taranto
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron P. Taravella

Dr. and Mrs. George Malcolm Taylor IV
Mrs. Molly Jackson Taylor ’73
Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Thibodeaux, Sr.
Ms. Eastan Thomas ’17
Mr. Warner L. Thomas

Ms. Tynia Thomassie ’77
Mrs. Baxter Feitel Thompson ’64
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan A. Thompson
Ms. Kami R. Thompson ’18
Dr. and Mrs. Nick Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Tober
     (Mary Coe ’88)
Mrs. Virginia McHale Tobey ’73
Mr. and Mrs. Craig S. Toomey
Mrs. Melissa A. Toups
Dr. Peter H. Towns and Dr. Elizabeth C. Bellino
Mr. Kenneth J. Trahan and The Honorable Ernestine Trahan ’84
Ms. Charlotte Barkerding Travieso ’60
Dr. and Mrs. William Troutt
Ms. Ingrid Troxler ’00
Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Tubbs
Mr. David S. Tucker and Dr. Melanie Sheen ’02

Mrs. Lou Ella Danielson Tucker ’74
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew V. Tuozzolo
     (Ashleigh Bergeron ’02)
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas W. Tyler
Mrs. Juliet Lemann Uhl ’65
Dr. Mark I. Vail and Dr. Charlotte M. Vail
Dr. Ashley Van Wormer '04
Ms. Lauren Vega
Mr. Joseph M. Vincent and Dr. Maegen S. Vincent
Mr. and Mrs. Chad A. Vinturella
Mrs. Susan Bernard Voelker ’65
Mrs. Marilee Trice Vogt ’64
Mrs. Mary Viola von Kurnatowski
Mr. Noel P. Waddington
Mr. Wes D. Wade and Dr. Katrina S. Wade
Mr. Tom P. Waguespack
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Wailes III
Ms. Katherine Ann Wakefield
Mrs. Mary Jane Walker
Mrs. Paula B. Walsh
Mrs. Cathy Walter
Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Ward
Ms. Kim Wargo and Mr. Mark J. Cortez

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Watson
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Watson
Mrs. Henri L. Wedell
     (Marsha Miller ’59)
Ms. Sallie Weissinger ’61

Mrs. Fontaine S. Wells
Mrs. Burdette Bremermann West '77
Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Western
Mr. and Ms. David Westfall
Ms. Elizabeth A. Weston '09
The Erin and Robert Weston Family
Mrs. Judith Walshe Whann ’57
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Whann
     (Suzanne Maginnis ’62)
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Whisnant
Mrs. Susan Jewell Whitaker ’76
Mr. and Mrs. Lee White
Mr. Charles L. Whited, Jr.
Mrs. Valeria Whitfield-Dunn
Mrs. Kristen Kroll Whitty '74
Ms. Laura Whooley
Dr. Alvah T. Wickboldt and Mrs. Teresa N. Villafana
Mr. Jonathan R. Wiggins and Mrs. Erin A. Brady Wiggins

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Williams, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Williamson

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon L. Wills III
Dr. Diana Williams Wilson ’72
Ms. Georgia M. Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Kristopher T. Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E. Wilson
Mrs. Emily Upton Windes ’66

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Winslow
Ms. Breon M. Wise ’12
Mr. Demetrius Witherspoon and Dr. Louise Gombako

Ms. Sarah M. Witt ’07
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Wogan
Mr. and Mrs. Hansford P. Wogan
     (Melissa Lyman ’06)
Ms. Lacey F. Wood
Mrs. Brooke Pickney Woods ’00

Mrs. Christine Colomb Woolf ’80
Dr. Caroline Barefield Wright ’98
Mr. and Mrs. William Wright
     (Alice Marquez '68)
Mr. and Mrs. Brook H. Yeaton
Mrs. Amy Gage Yildizli '92
Mr. and Mrs. Bryant S. York

Mr. and Mrs. George V. Young
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Young
     (Pierce Jonassen ’87)
Mr. and Mrs. Scott T. Zander
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Ziegler
Mrs. Laura Gregorio Zingale ’09
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Zitt
Mr. Daniel Zweben and Mrs. Lisa Lacour

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