GiveNOLA Day Donors

Thank you to the 783 Alumnae, faculty, parents, grandparents, and friends who contributed during GiveNOLA Day, May 1st, to raise $226,290 for McGehee.  For the fourth year we placed 2nd for number of donors and 2nd for amount raised.  Over $5.5 million was raised for local non-profits. Thank you for your dedication and generosity! 

Anonymous (36)
Dr. and Mrs. William K. Accousti
Miss Caroline Acomb ’15
Miss Catherine M. Acomb ’07
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Acomb 
     (Kirsten Jahncke ’77)
Mrs. Charlotte Whann Adams ’87
Mrs. Nell Emery Adams ’77
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth N. Adatto
Miss Justine Aguiar ’85
Dr. Harriet G. Aguiar-Netto 
Miss Zoe A. Alexander ’13
Mr. Gary Alipio and Ms. Lisa Williams
Dr. Mark M. Allen and Mrs. Jennifer Bernard-Allen
Mrs. Molly Spencer Allen ’70
Ms. Donice Alverson ’65
Mrs. Virginia Haddow Amoni ’73
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley M. Ancira 
Mrs. Stacie S. Andrews
Mr. William P. Andrews
Mr. and Mrs. Hudson C. Ansley
Ms. Martha Andry-Zimmering ’69
Ms. Donna G. Apgar ’60
Mrs. Marion McHenry Arant ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Andreas Argenti 
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Argote 
     (Maria Favor ’87)
Mrs. Veena Arora
Dr. Janet Arrowsmith ’67
Mrs. Cecilia France Arthur ’75
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Babin, Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. Simon J. Babin
Mr. and Ms. Wayne M. Babovich 
Mrs. Anne Shamblin Baillio ’58
Mrs. Willam A. Baker, Jr.
     (Gary Gillis ’52)
Mr. and Mrs. W. Anderson Baker III 
Mrs. Harriet Wilson Balart ’64
Mr. and Mrs. Luis E. Balart
Mr. Michael A. Balascio and Ms. Hannah D. Dietsch
Ms. Taylor Bank ’06
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin H. Banta 
     (Kathleen Viguerie ’95)
Miss Campbell Banta 2026
Mrs. Sally Stockmeyer Banta ’80
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Banta
Mrs. Pamby Barfield 
Mrs. Constance Carriere Barkley ’55
Mr. and Mrs. Morris Bart 
Ms. Laina Bartosh
Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Batten
Mr. Richard E. Baudouin and Ms. Theresa R. Becher
Mr. and Mrs. Kristen M. Baumer 
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Beahm
Mrs. Ana P. Beard
Ms. Pamela Becker ’76
Miss Agnes R. Bell ’13
Mrs. Aimee! Favrot Bell ’82
Mrs. Jeanne Hopkins Bendana ’87
Ms. Alanna Benoit
Mr. and Mrs. Dale A. Benoit
Mr. David J. Bergeron and Dr. Catherine M. Cresson
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Bernard
Miss Genevieve Bienvenu ’13
Mr. and Mrs. J. McCaleb Bilbro 
Dr. and Ms. Warren M. Billings 
Miss Lindsey Billips 
Mrs. Meredith Wilson Blanque ’01
Mr. E. C. Blessey and Dr. Karen Busenlener Blessey ’87
Mrs. Nancy Davies Blouin ’73
Mr. and Mrs. Byson J. Blount
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Bodet
Mr. and Mrs. Mason Bohne
Mrs. Minnette Bickel Boesel ’67
Mrs. Jaime Bonnecarrere ’01
Mr. and Mrs. Hank J. Boudreaux
Ms. Connie Bousquet ’73
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Bowen
Mrs. Bonnie Baird Boyd ’67
Mrs. Suzanne Carrere Boyd ’65
Mrs. Charlotte Russell Bradford ’85
Ms. Lynn Bradley
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Brady 
     (Caroline Monsted ’90)
Mr. and Mrs. Gary H. Brewster, Sr.
         (Cathy Rainold ’71)
Ms. Deborah Kay Bridges ’76
Mr. Drew Broach and Ms. Robin Peters
Mrs. Virginia Fossier Brooks ’72
Ms. Kathlyn Broussard
Mr. and Mrs. B. Lane Brown
Mr. Charles Brown
Miss Hallie Brown ’12
Mrs. Greyson Haddad Brown ’77
Mrs. Delia Caldwell Brown ’64
Mrs. Kate Eustis Brown ’67
Mrs. Kathryn Lewis Browning ’65
Mrs. Robert N. Bruce, Jr. 
     (Ann Maylie ’60)
Mrs. Carla Corona Brundige ’93
Mr. and Mrs. John Bruton 
Mr. and Mrs. J. Randolph Bryan 
Ms. Emily Bucher
Mr. Richard Buchsbaum and Dr. Bethaney J. Vincent
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Buchtel 
Dr. Cuong Bui and Dr. Erin Biro
Ms. Tram Bui ’94
Mrs. Gretchen Schneider Burghardt ’92
Mrs. Ann Parkerson Burke ’64
Mrs. Julia Waters Burlingame ’77
Mrs. Carolyn Spencer Busenlener ’61
Mr. and Mrs. Kimberlin P. Butcher
            (Helen Nalty ’88)
Ms. Patricia C. Butscher 
Dr. Hector Cabrera and Mrs. Carlotta Pelikan
Mr. and Ms. Steven Callan
Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Capitelli
Ms. Cynthia Cappel ’79
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Cappiello
Miss Lucy Carradine 2020
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Carrere 
Mrs. Jacqueline Wolfe Carroll ’65
Mrs. Nancy Jane Wendel Carson ’65
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Carter, Sr. 
Ms. Ellen Carucci
Ms. Maribel Castro 
Mrs. Katherine Goldstein Catlin ’99
Mr. Jules R. Cattie and Dr. Rabia Cattie 
Dr. Paul C. Celestre and Dr. Miranda D. Celestre
Mrs. Ann Clayton Pizzo Chamberlain ’82
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Champagne 
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Champagne
Ms. Charlotte Christman ’73
Mrs. Jeanie Crane Cian ’72
Ms. Shannon Cian ’98
Mrs. Elizabeth Kitchen Cihon ’88
Mr. and Mrs. Lucas O. Clary
Ms. Ricquel Clayton
Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Clinton 
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Coco
(Danielle Viguerie ’98)
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Coffin, Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Grant Coleman 
Mrs. Heather Pickney Conigliaro ’98
Mrs. Carroll Suggs Connolly ’88
Ms. Kathryn Conroy ’73
The Honorable Charlotte M. Cooksey ’65
Ms. Cynthia Cooper
Mrs. Helen Singreen Cooper ’65
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell L. Cooper
Mr. and Mrs. J. Louis Costa 
Ms. Tiffany Cotlar
Mrs. Ruth Ulmer Cranch ’64
Ms. Elinor Crews ’72
Mrs. Sally Boone Cromwell ’72
Mr. and Mrs. H. Hackett Cummins
            (Nan Newton ’61)
Mrs. Jean Curran
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Currence 
     (Mathilde Villere ’89)
Mr. and Mrs. Guy C. Curry 
Mrs. Alicia K. Curtis
Mr. David P. Curtis
Mr. and Mrs. John J. d’Aquin 
Mr. and Mrs. Dirk B. Danos 
Mr. and Mrs. Reed S. Danos 
Ms. Elisabeth Dart ’77
Mr. and Mrs. Trevor C. Davies
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Davis 
Ms. Katie DeBruhl ’07
Ms. Gretchen DeFee ’77
Mr. Delaney DeJean and Ms. Julee LaPorte 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Delafosse, Jr. 
Mrs. Karen Depp
Ms. Kristin E. Depp
Dr. and Mrs. Patrick M. Dennis 
Mrs. Jacklyn Jones Derks ’54
Ms. Katherine Miller Determan ’66
Ms. Joan Meredith Diamond ’02
Mrs. Mary McDonald Stephens Dillon ’77
Mr. and Mrs. Leighton M. Dixon
Mrs. Mary Frances Gregorio Dobry ’06
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey L. Dobson 
Mrs. Elsa Gruen Dobson ’64
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Domenicone 
Mrs. Susan Terkuhle Doss ’66
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Doussan, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Downing 
Mrs. Laurie Ellis Doyle ’75
Ms. Wendy Drapanas ’77
Mrs. Douglas G. Drennan II 
     (Cathy Hassinger ’87)
Ms. Charlotte Drennan ’09
Mrs. Whitney S. Drennan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Drew 
Mr. and Mrs. Gene R. Dry 
     (Kristen Martty ’79)
Ms. Danya Duffy
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Duke
(Meredith Brown ’97)
Mr. Benjamin Duke and Ms. Kristin Wolfe 
Ms. Jeanne Dumestre ’68
Mrs. Aimee Rhodes Dunaway ’95
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin A. Dupuy 
Ms. Ellie Dupuy ’02
Mrs. Caroline Burlingame Eagan ’07
Mrs. Halley Hennington Eagan ’04
Mrs. Anne Kimble Eaton ’69
Dr. Shehab Ebrahim and Dr. Vivian Vu
Mrs. Elizabeth Wilkinson Elliott ’72
Mrs. Allyson Fleming Englande ’92
Ms. Angelita Espino 
Ms. Flora Eustis ’68
Ms. Melissa Eversmeyer 
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Fairchild
Mrs. April Falcon-Villa ’93
Mr. Edward Falshaw
Mr. and Mrs. Ian Falshaw 
Miss Maggie E. Falshaw 2018
Mrs. David Farnsworth ’59
Mr. Michael Favor and Ms. Becca Fox
Ms. Laura Feher 
Ms. Sarah Felton ’03
Mr. and Mrs. J. Scott Ferguson 
Mrs. Mary d’Aquin Fergusson ’58
Mrs. Jane Jones Fickle ’64
Dr. Kimberly Field-Marvin
Ms. Leigh C. Fischer 
Mrs. Lessley Fitzpatrick
Mr. Dudley Flanders and Mrs. Martha Mackie
Mrs. Walter C. Flower III ’63
Mrs. Elizabeth Fontaine-Barr ’67
Mr. and Mrs. Marc J. Fouchi 
Mrs. Beverly Robert Frater ’64
Miss Ella Freeman 2018
Mr. and Mrs. R. West Freeman, III 
Capt. Amanda Thompson Frey ’04
Ms. Monica A. Frois ’83
Mrs. Suzanne Wolfe Fromherz ’66
Mrs. John D. Fry ’89
Mr. Dustin W. Gaar
Mrs. Norris Nelson Gagnet ’89
Mr. and Mrs. William Gahagan 
Ms. Tina Gambrell
Mr. Luis E. Garcia and Dr. Mary K. Mulcahey
Mrs. Sydney Schanzer Garcia ’65
Mr. and Mrs. Cres Gardner 
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Gardner, Jr.
Ms. Kathleen McKee Garey ’76
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Garriott 
     (Megan Cian ’04)
Mrs. Jennifer Manget Gaskin ’96
Mrs. Jean McIlhenny Gaskins ’67
Mrs. Katherine Waters Gelderman ’79
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Gentry
Mrs. Allison Brennand George ’65
Dr. and Ms. Ioannis Y. Georgiou
Dr. Donald S. Gervais and Dr. Wendy S. Gervais 
Mrs. Charlotte Andry Gibbs ’65
Mr. and Mrs. Joe W. Gilly
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan A. Gilmore 
Mrs. Margi Hines Godfrey ’63
Mrs. Margee Newman Godwin ’77
Mrs. Michelle Bart Goehring ’06
Mrs. Ashley Perschall Gomila ’02
Mrs. Jolayne S. Gotzkowsky 
Mrs. Sandra Gotzkowsky 
Mr. and Mrs. Fred K. Granade
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Grandal 
Mrs. Blanche Kirchhoff Gray ’62
Ms. Ginny Gray
Mrs. Camille Greenberg 
Mr. and Mrs. Steven I. Greenebaum 
Ms. Laura Gregorio ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Steven F. Griffith, Jr.
Mrs. Melissa Ann Grodin ’02
Mrs. Liz Wittmann Guerry ’77
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Guidry 
Mrs. Bethany Simmons Hadelman ’88
Ms. Amanda Hagood 
Mrs. Deborah Hagood 
Judge Madeline Hughes Haikala ’82
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Hales
Mrs. Clare Harpham Hall ’02
Mrs. Sandy Suhren Hamblin ’69
Mr. and Mrs. Duncan P. Hammond
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hamric
Mr. Tommy Haney 
Ms. Nancy Hansen 
Mrs. Lesley Fromherz Hardin ’72
Mr. Bradley Leon Hardy
Ms. Connie Harlan 
Ms. Ayanna Harley ’08
Mrs. Claudia Harold ’64
Ms. Mariah Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Harris 
Mrs. Vikki Muller Harris ’72
Ms. Zinnyah E. Hasan 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Hassinger 
Mrs. Maura D’Antoni Hawkins ’53
Mrs. Lauren Sedlander Haworth ’02
Mrs. Elizabeth Slatten Healy ’86
Ms. Annabelle Hebert ’63
Ms. Charlotte Hebert
Mr. and Mrs. Jason M. Hemel 
Mr. Raymond Henderson and Ms. Alison Wells 
Ms. Jessica Henricksen 
Mr. Brian Herzog and Mrs. Carly N. Chelminiak
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Heuer 
     (Danielle Lambert ’85)
Mrs. Molly Gahagan Heurtin ’87
Ms. Michele Heyer
Mr. and Mrs. Adam J. Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Cory D. Himel 
Mrs. Beth Branigan Hock ’97
Mrs. Lisa Usry Hoefer ’79
Mr. and Mrs. D. Russell Holwadel
Ms. Renee Huete
Mr. and Ms. Robert E. Huntley
Mrs. Lauren Bowling Huray ’00
Mrs. Dorothy Ewin Isacks ’64
Ms. Jacqueline Jaubert ’00
Mrs. Susan Baus Jaubert ’79
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel T. Jaynes 
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Johnson
Ms. Beverly Johnson
Miss De’Andra J. Johnson ’14
Ms. Jean Johnson ’67
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan S. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. L. Noel Johnson Jr. 
     (Maria Barkerding ’87)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Johnson
Ms. Maria Jolley 
Mr. and Mrs. Hans A. B. Jonassen
     (Pierce Landry ’60)
Ms. Kimberly Jones ’98
Dr. C. Frank Jordan and Dr. Simone Pitre
Ms. Susan Kleck Jordan ’76
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Joseph
     (Wendy Corona ’88)
Mr. John W. Joyce and Ms. Christine Harvey 
Ms. Julie Kahle ’01
Mr. and Mrs. Morris L. Kahn 
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Kammer 
Mr. Murray Karp
Mr. Ross J. Karsen and Ms. Sarah E. Wiseman
Mr. and Mrs. Charles V. Kehoe II 
Mr. Jason H. Kelley and Ms. Linda M. Flanagan
Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Kellogg 
Mr. Chadrick Kennedy
Mr. Steven A. Kennedy and Ms. Jessica Holl
Mr. Mukul Kewalramani and Dr. Vandana S. Kewalramani
Ms. Laura Lee Killeen ’68
Mrs. Felice Viguerie Killian ’93
Ms. Alberta G. King 
Dr. Jennifer King 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas King 
Mr. and Mrs. Rhett E. King 
Mr. Damon A. Kirin
Mrs. Linda Lastrapes Kitchen ’60
Mrs. Gillian M. Knight 
Miss Anne S. Kock ’09
Mrs. Ret Bohmfalk Kolbenschlag ’76
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Kolombatovich 
Mr. and Mrs. Muhammad M. Korejo 
Mr. Gregory J. Kozlowski and Dr. Eirinn E. Erny 
Mrs. Sandra Kreitner 
Miss Lincoln Kullander ’15
Mr. Mark A. Kutash
Ms. Jessie Kutcher ’06
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Kutcher
Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Kutsch
Mrs. Anne Doswell Labouchere ’61
Ms. Marguerite F. Labouisse ’65
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Lagarde
Mrs. Beverly Lamb 
Ms. Christen Landry
Mr. Thomas Lane
Ms. Charlotte Langenstein
Mr. William Langenstein
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Lassen
Mrs. Fe Castellanos Laughlin ’55
Mr. Alan Lawrence
Dr. and Mrs. Todd E. Layman
Ms. Linda Leader 
Mrs. Penny Pardue LeBourgeois ’59
Mrs. Gladys Gay LeBreton ’38
Mrs. Anne Murphy Leche ’74
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley S. Leckert
Mrs. Susan Potts LeGros ’71
Ms. Camille Lemann 
Mr. and Mrs. Jared L. Lewis
Ms. Daria Linnington
Mrs. Katherine Cian London ’01
Mrs. James L. Long ’59
Mrs. Kitty Kroll Longman ’73
Mrs. Michele Lafaye Lopiccolo ’77
Miss Bailey Loria ’13
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Loria
Mrs. Becker Rutledge Lorenzen ’69
Mrs. Carolyn Wood Lorio ’77
Mr. and Mrs. Willis A. Lovell
Dr. Lisa Luongo
Mrs. Sarah Dunn Lustberg ’06
Mrs. Rayne Simpson Lykes ’79
Mrs. Eugenie Lyman ’77
Ms. Grace Lyman ’10
Ms. Melissa Manget Lyman ’06
Mr. and Mrs. Donald I. Mackenroth, Jr. 
Mrs. Irene E. Mackenroth 
Mr. Kevin Mackenroth 
Mrs. Nina Newlin Mackie ’65
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Mahfouz
Ms. Catherine N. Makk
Ms. Marilyn C. Maloney ’68
Dr. Barbara Manard ’63
Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Mangum
Ms. Allison Manker
Ms. Mariah G. Marcelle
Ms. Loren M. Marino 
Mrs. Bobbie Parker Marschall ’68
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Marshall, Jr.
Mr. David Martin 
Mrs. Ruth A. Martin
Ms. Sarah Martzolf ’96
Mrs. Pat Crane Mason ’55
Mrs. Louise Ross Masters ’77
Mrs. Jane Alexander Mathes ’61
Mrs. Melanie Logan Mauldin ’68
Miss Mimi Maumus ’90
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Mayer
     (Cammie Kock ’71)
Mrs. Sherrill Sinnott McCausland ’65
Mrs. Frank R. McClellan ’59
Mrs. Betsy McCrory
Mrs. Sherri McCutchen ’68
Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. McDonald 
Mrs. Adrienne Kepper McFaul ’69
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. McKenna, Sr. 
Mrs. Jordan Gillette McLaughlin ’99
Ms. Carolyn McLellan ’67
Ms. Eugenie McLellan ’10
Mrs. Jean Gibert McLellan ’77
Mr. Scott McLetchie 
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. McNames
Mr. John B. McQueen
Mr. and Mrs. Jason A. Mead
     (E. Lee Jahncke ’96)
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Meeks
   (Elizabeth Young ’06)
Dr. Neha H. Mehta 
Mr. and Mrs. Nalander Melton
Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Menge, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Max E. Merlin ’87
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Messersmith, III 
Dr. Stephen E. Metzinger and Dr. Rebecca C. Metzinger 
Miss Amanda Meyer ’13
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Meyer 
Mrs. Lynn McIlhenny Meyers ’65
Mrs. Anne Balart Michaels ’94
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Miller 
     (Enid Murphy ’82)
Ms. Jamie Miller ’12
Dr. Margaret Ann Miller ’70
Mrs. Elizabeth Jennings Mills ’65
Mr. Mark A. Mintz and Ms. Jennifer L. Kitner 
Mrs. Leila Jane Weaver Mitts ’80
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Moeller 
Mrs. Elaine Mears Mogabgab
Mrs. Marie Shannon Monroe ’73
Mr. and Mrs. J. Baldwin Montgomery
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Montgomery
Ms. Emilie Alston Harrison Montgomery ’03
Ms. Susan Tufts Moore ’65
Mr. Jesse Morrell 
Mrs. Elizabeth Conroy Morris ’77
Mr. W. Howard Moses
Mrs. Anastasia Werlein Mouton ’65
Mr. and Mrs. Ian M. Mundee
Ms. Alice Murphy
Ms. Margaret Coate Murphy 
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan K. Nagim
Mrs. Nancy Rowland Nahan ’78
Mrs. Courtney Perschall Nalty ’98
Miss Layne Nalty ’15
Mrs. Harriet Hurley Nelson ’56
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel H. Nelson 
Ms. Kim Nemser
Mrs. Corinne Wood Nettleton ’75
Mr. and Mrs. Jason C. Niemann
Mr. and Mrs. James Nieset 
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Nilges
Ms. Amie Nissenbaum 
Ms. Sarah Noland
Ms. Sarah Novak 
Ms. Ainsley Nunez ’09
Mrs. Judith W. Nunn
Ms. Shawn O’Brien ’77
Ms. Kathleen O’Dwyer ’04
Ms. Carolyn Armbruster O’Neil ’99
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Odem 
Mr. and Mrs. Colin J. Offner ’96
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick E. O’Keefe
Mr. and Mrs. Jude A. Olinger 
Ms. Jill Elizabeth Praetorius Oubre ’76
Ms. Kathleen Padian 
Mrs. Duane Leach Page ’55
Mr. Whiton M. Paine and Dr. Archana R. Paine
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Palumbo
Ms. Melanie J. Parent ’08
Mrs. Gwin Groth Parlange ’66
Mr. and Mrs. Lane R. Paton 
Mrs. Amie Fischer Paul ’68
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Pavlovich 
Dr. and Mrs. Alan D. Penman 
Mrs. Diana Z. Perkins ’87
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Perrilliat III 
     (Carter Jahncke ’98)
Mrs. Maria Johness Perrotte ’73
Mrs. Karen Danna Perschall ’60
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Person 
Mrs. Margaret Sanders Phelps ’72
Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel P. Phillips, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Shaun F. Pies
Ms. Debby Pigman 
Ms. Harriet McFaul Pilger ’66
Mr. and Mrs. Reese B. Pinney
Mrs. Sarah Pizzo Maholchic ’96
Mrs. Mary Beth Plauche ’69
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Plessala 
Dr. Glenn M. Polin and Dr. Nichole M. Polin
Mrs. Catherine Maunsell Posey ’73
Mrs. Valerie Blackman Posner ’04 
Mr. and Mrs. Martin P. Pospisil
     (Taylor Schmidt ’02)
Mr. and Mrs. Scott S. Powell
Mrs. Eileen F. Powers 
Mrs. Susan Hurth Price ’60
Ms. Sydney A. Proze ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Eric D. Pullen 
Mrs. Heidi Jahncke Qualey ’80
Mr. William C. Kirby and Ms. Candice E. Quates
Dr. Patrick Rafail and Dr. Katherine Johnson 
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander E. Rainold III
Mrs. Jeannette Liebman Ramoni ’62
Ms. Dona S. Ratterree ’66
Mrs. Elizabeth Halsey Register ’65
Mr. and Mrs. Gino J. Rendeiro 
Dr. Alexandra Krugler Rice ’00
Mr. and Mrs. Laywood R. T. Richard
Mr. and Mrs. Eric M. Rigby
Mrs. Jennie Novotny Robbins ’91
Mr. and Mrs. Jean L. Robert
Miss Remy C. Robért ’09
Ms. Bonita Robertson ’02
Ms. Frann Robertson
Mrs. Hillary Smith Robinson ’90
Mrs. Elizabeth McIlhenny Rodriguez ’69
Mrs. Lindsey Baker Rohm ’75
Ms. Gabbie Romano ’95
Miss Conlan Rome ’13
Ms. Bayley Romig
Mrs. Marjorie Zander Rosemond ’52
Dr. Allan Rosenberg and Mrs. Gwen B. Koltun
Mr. and Mrs. D. Skylar Rosenbloom 
Ms. Leslie Rovin
Mrs. Gail Schoonmaker Ruddock ’66
Mrs. Marion Jensen Ruth ’72 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Rutledge
Mrs. James Ryan III ’59
Mrs. Adrienne Hammer Rynning ’78
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Samford, Jr.
Ms. Cynthia Ann Samuel ’65
Mrs. Ann Lee Stephens Sarpy ’66
Mrs. Yvonne Shall Sartin ’03
Mrs. Susalee Norris Sasser ’69
Dr. Emily H. Scalise
Prof. Ronald J. Scalise and Prof. S. Brown Richardson 
Miss Samantha Scalise 2026
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Schaefer 
Mr. and Ms. T. Gregory Schafer 
Mrs. Nancy Trousdale Schenecker ’53
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Schindler 
Miss Anna H. Schmidt 2024
Mrs. Catherine Claiborne Schmidt ’65
Miss Elizabeth M. B. Schmidt 2022
Miss Marguerite C. Schmidt 2020
Mr. and Mrs. Justin B. Schmidt 
      (Mary Hassinger ’88)
Mrs. Leila Flournoy Schumacher ’47
Dr. and Mrs. John C. Schwartz 
Mr. and Mrs. G. Arthur Seaver III 
Ms. Katherine Seligman
Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Serou 
Mrs. Maude Saunders Sharp ’51
Mrs. Elizabeth Toups Sharpton ’03
Dr. Melanie Sheen ’02
Mrs. Winifred Miller Sheets ’73
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin D. Sherman
Mrs. Laura Shaw Shields ’72
Mrs. Marion Eley Simoneaux ’76
Mr. and Mrs. Jarmaine T. Singleton 
Mr. and Mrs. Brad A. Skeen
Mrs. Dana Walter Slavett ’90
Mrs. Reece Beesley Small ’65
Mrs. Elizabeth Maunsell Smith ’65
Mrs. And Mrs. Jay Smith
Mrs. Joyce Barkerding Smith ’72
Ms. Kathryn Smith ’08
Mrs. Katherine Makle Smith-Brooks ’56
Ms. Lauren Snider ’00
Mr. David L. Spera and The Honorable Nancy M. Spera 
Mr. Robert F. Spurlock
Ms. Alexandra St. Paul ’73
Mrs. Katharine Salmon St. Paul ’77
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Stanson 
Mr. Alex Stanwood, Jr.
Mrs. Joan Matthews Starr ’60
Mrs. Melissa Douglass Steiner ’80
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Steinfeld
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Stern 
Mrs. Marietta Moyer Stirratt ’53
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Stockmeyer 
Miss Lizzie Stockmeyer ’17
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Stokes
     (Sarah Lapeyre ’04)
Mrs. Lenora Costa Stout ’01
Mrs. Mary Ann McLellan Stroker ’58
Mrs. Lettice Binnings Stuart ’64
Mrs. Kathleen Springer Stukenborg ’82
Mrs. Katherine Boebinger Stulb ’79
Dr. Salvador J. Suau and Dr. Liane M. Germond
Ms. Judith N. Suddeth 
Mr. Joseph C. Sudkamp and Dr. Jenifer Juengling-Sudkamp
Mr. Mark Sulkes
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Summerour 
Mrs. Lisette Verlander Sutton ’69
Mr. and Mrs. Slater W. Swartwood 
Mrs. Diane Schwartz Szabo ’55
Mrs. Susan Erlanger Talbot ’76
Mr. Hossein Talebloo and Dr. Nazafarine Mahroo
Mrs. Wendy Wehrmann Taliaferro ’60
Mr. and Mrs. Jay B. Tapp
Mrs. Callie Taylor 
Mr. Molly Jackson Taylor ’73
Ms. Annie Tete 
Ms. Tynia Thomassie ’77
Mrs. Baxter Feitel Thompson ’65
Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher C. Thompson
Mr. David Thornsberry 
Mrs. Jenna K. Thornsberry
Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson R. Tillery 
Mr. Benjamin J. Tinklenberg and Dr. Sarah E. Jolley
Mrs. Courtney Miller Tizzard ’04
Mrs. Virginia McHale Tobey ’73
Mr. and Mrs. Craig S. Toomey 
Mrs. Penelope Wisdom Tose ’65
Mrs. Melissa A. Toups
Mr. and Mrs. Leon J. Touzet III 
Mrs. Molly Holbrook Tracey ’74
Mr. Kenneth J. Trahan and The Honorable Ernestine Anderson Trahan ’84
Ms. Charlotte Barkerding Travieso ’60
Mrs. Catherine Burns Tremaine ’42
Ms. Lauren Trostorff ’10
Mrs. Patricia M. Troyer
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas W. Tyler 
Dr. and Mrs. Ashish Udhrain 
Mrs. Juliet Lemann Uhl ’65
Mr. Chandra R. Valipe 
Mrs. George G. Villere
Mr. Joseph M. Vincent and Dr. Maegen S. Vincent
Ms. Allison T. Voelker
Mr. and Mrs. Roland T. von Kurnatowski, Jr. 
Mr. Noel Waddington
Ms. Katherine Wagner ’89
Ms. Lori Wagner ’87
Mr. Thomas Waguespack
Mr. and Mrs. R. Preston Wailes, III
Mrs. Mary Jane Walker
Mrs. Meghan Person Walsh ’02
Mrs. Paula B. Walsh
Mrs. Cathy Walter
Ms. Kim Wargo and Mr. Mark J. Cortez 
Ms. Elizabeth A. Warner 
Ms. Whitney Waters ’72
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Watson
Ms. Jenna Way ’08
Mrs. Diane Long Webb ’51
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Weiss 
Mrs. Jenny Welsch
Mrs. Terry Bremermann West ’77
Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Western 
Mr. and Mrs. David Westfall 
Ms. Elizabeth Weston ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Weston
Mrs. Suzanne Maginnis Whann ’62
Mrs. Susan Jewell Whitaker ’76
Dr. and Mrs. Michael G. White 
Mr. Charles L. Whited, Jr. 
Mrs. Valeria Whitfield-Dunn 
Mr. Paul K. Wieg and Mrs. Victoria Mondejar-Marchante
Mrs. Karen Lewis Wilkins ’79
Ms. LaNaya Wilkins-Carter and Mr. Christopher Carter
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Williams, Sr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Williams
Mrs. Patrice Hightower Williams ’08
Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Williamson
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon L. Wills, III
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E. Wilson
Mrs. Emily Upton Windes ’66
Mrs. Helen Hauser Wisdom ’57 and Mr. Jack Zoller
Ms. Breon Wise ’12
Mrs. Elizabeth Wogan
Mr. Ford Wogan
Ms. Ashley Wood 
Mrs. Brooke Pickney Woods ’00
Mrs. Alice Marquez Wright ’68
Dr. Caroline Barefield Wright ’98
Mr. and Mrs. Brook H.Yeaton
Mr. Andrew Yeum and Ms. Jillian L. Lagasse-Yeum
Mrs. Amy Gage Yildizli ’92
Ms. Charlotte Young ’09
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Young
     (Pierce Jonassen ’87)
Mr. and Mrs. George V. Young
Mr. and Mrs. Scott T. Zander 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Ziegler
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Zitt 
Mr. and Mrs. Gary P. Zoller
Dr. Greta Zornes 

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2343 Prytania Street
New Orleans, LA 70130
Louise S. McGehee School is a private independent all-girls school for Pre-K through grade 12 and open to all qualified girls regardless of race, religion, national or ethnic origin.