Find Your Voice

It begins without fanfare in Little Gate, when a teacher gently asks her what she thinks, and she smiles shyly before responding. In Lower School, and even more so in Middle School, she readily shares the ideas bubbling in her bright mind. She doesn’t need a teacher to prompt her now; she is asserting herself. During Upper School, she finds it – she finds her voice. It is strong and it will never leave her.

Grace Perret '16-Valedictorian, Georgetown University '19

My government teacher, Ms. Thompson, mentored me, coached me, inspired me, challenged me, and taught me not only about government and law but about hard work and passion. She showed me what it means to be truly dedicated to something. I owe so much to her for teaching me that: for reminding me to work a little harder, push a little further, and imagine a little more even when I thought that I was done with something.
2343 Prytania Street
New Orleans, LA 70130
Louise S. McGehee School is a private independent all-girls school for Pre-K through grade 12 and open to all qualified girls regardless of race, religion, national or ethnic origin.