Mary "Molly" Stockmeyer

College Choice: Northwestern University
Major: Theater

Graduating with a Distinction in Music
Mentorship Title: "Emotion in Music"

This McGehee girl was born to perform and she will be doing just that when she attends Northwestern University as a Performing Arts major this fall. A talented pianist who performed in the Junior Philharmonic Orchestra and won First Place in a Bach competition, Molly excels in playing classical music. In fact, she played a piece she composed during her recent senior mentorship presentation. Molly has been center stage in many school performances in both leading and supporting roles and she has spent several summers performing in Tulane’s Junior Summer Lyric Theatre. Molly had this to say about her years at McGehee, “McGehee has prepared me for college by giving me the skills to learn independently and form my own opinion in each subject—the structure of classes at McGehee allows for more higher order thinking skills to be used which will help greatly in the more difficult courses in college. As for the future, McGehee has prepared me by connecting me with 33 other girls that I will stay connected with in the future. There is a real community within the students at McGehee, filled with girls of different personalities and interests, that has allowed me to discover my own identity and given me the confidence to be myself outside of school with the knowledge that I have supporters.”

Activities and Awards at McGehee:

  • Student Council Class Representative (12)
  • Student Ambassador (11,12)
  • Executive Committee Class Representative (11)
  • Community Service Chair (9)
  • Citizenship Award (12)
  • Community Service Award (11)
  • Deborah Friedrichs Photography Award (11)
  • John L. Wilson Musical Theatre Award (11)
  • Mary Freeman Wisdom Scholarship (11)
  • 14-year Club
  • Concert Choir (9,10,11,12)
  • Ensemble (9,10,11,12)
  • National Honor Society (10,11,12)
  • Beta Club (10,11,12)
  • Upper School Musical (9,10,11,12)
  • In the Wings (11,12)
  • Rise to the Occasion (12)
  • Mock Trial (9,11)
  • Swimming (9,10)

Grade started at McGehee: PK 
Legacy Connection: Niece of Cade Stockmeyer Beach ’70,  Ann Stockmeyer Roberts ’73, and Sally Stockmeyer Banta ’80 

Please note that grade started at McGehee only includes grades PK-12. Activities and Awards include grades 9-12.
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