Marguerite "Conery" Schmidt

College Choice: University of Virginia
Major: Kinesiology

Graduating with a Distinction in Science
Mentorship Title: "Girls in Sports: Injury Susceptibility, Management, and Prevention"

Conery Schmidt has always been on the go and in every capacity-athletics, clubs, student government, you name it.  And, actively competing in several sports for McGehee in Varsity Cross Country, Soccer and Track & Field did not slow Conery down. She is a terrific athlete and leader with an abundance of energy and enthusiasm. In addition to other athletic awards, Conery recently received a Letter Sweater, the highest athletic honor you can receive at McGehee.  It seems appropriate that her senior mentorship involved a yearlong study “researching the injuries to which female adolescent athletes are most susceptible, with the plan to implement better training throughout sports practices at my school in order to improve the school’s athletic community and maximize injury prevention for my teammates and peers.” Conery said, “Whether in the classroom or on the field, the challenges I have faced at McGehee have instilled within me confidence, independence, perseverance, leadership, and a willingness to try anything. Academically, I was most inspired by Ms. Thompson, who always encouraged me to challenge myself and look at any piece of information from all viewpoints. Athletically, I was most inspired by my coaches Coach Skotty and Coach Nusbaum. Throughout my entire Cross Country and Track career, my coaches not only motivated me during practices and meets, but they were also huge role models for me, as they both inspired me through their individual running careers.” Conery applied and was accepted Early Decision to the University of Virginia.

Activities and Awards at McGehee:

  • Student Ambassador (11,12)
  • Executive Committee Class Representative (9)
  • High Honor Roll (9,10,11,12)
  • Community Service Award (9,10,11,12)
  • Athletic Letter Sweater (12)
  • Soccer Leadership Award (12)
  • Orr American Government Award (11)
  • Tulane University Book Award (11)
  • Margaret Wagner Spirit of the Hawk Award (10)
  • Elise McGehee Biology Award (10)
  • Henriette Perry Physics Award (9)
  • 14-year Club
  • National Honor Society (10,11,12)
  • Beta Club (10,11,12)
  • Girls Learn International (10,11,12)
  • 504ever (9,10,11,12)
  • Cross Country (9,10,11,12)
  • Soccer (9,10,11,12)
  • Track & Field (9,10,11,12)

Grade started at McGehee: PK 
Legacy Connection: Daughter of Mary Hassinger Schmidt ’88, Niece of Catherine “Cathy” Hassinger Drennan ’87 and Elizabeth “Betsy” Hassinger Van Horn ’98 

Please note that grade started at McGehee only includes grades PK-12. Activities and Awards include grades 9-12.
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