Chloe Beals

College Choice: Louisiana State University
Major: Civil Engineering

Chloe Beals has engineering on her mind! A talented art student, she commends art teacher Sarah Wiseman for her “inspiration, talent and organization,” and hopes to be like her someday. Chloe was accepted into the following colleges and engineering programs as well -- Texas A&M University, SMU and Tulane and ultimately choosing LSU as her final destination.

Activities and Awards at McGehee:

  • Community Service Award (9,10,11)
  • High Honor Roll (9,10,11)
  • Katherine McFetridge Scholarship (10)
  • Tim Trapolin Art Award (10)
  • Henrietta Perry Physics Award (9)
  • Silver G (9)
  • 14-year Club
  • National Honor Society (10,11,12)
  • National Art Honor Society (10,11,12)
  • Beta Club(11,12)
  • Good Deed Beads (11,12)
  • Project Animal Welfare Club (9,10,11)
  • Upper School Musical (10,11,12)

Grade started at McGehee: PK

Please note that grade started at McGehee only includes grades PK-12. Activities and Awards include grades 9-12.
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New Orleans, LA 70130
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