Visual Arts

The purpose of our art program is the development of confident, creative self-expression for students in various art forms. Authentic intellectual and imaginative skills are employed in the process of making art. Risk taking, problem solving, and invention are equally encouraged. Each year, students at McGehee build upon previous art experiences- further developing individual abilities, interest, commitment and self-expression. 

A solid visual arts foundation is provided as well as exploration in a wide range of materials. The curriculum explores two and three-dimensional processes with the aid of contemporary and historical influences. Art is an integral part of the McGehee experience. We value art and its ability to engage the community. This helps the girls see how art and its context can spark a dialogue. It also fosters their self-esteem as they see their artwork on display. The girls’ art fills the school’s hallways and library as a celebration of their visual communication.

Sarah Wiseman, Visual Arts Department Chair

McGehee's art curriculum is designed to give our girls the opportunity to be innovative, creative and playful as they explore their ideas and the unlimited potential of their imaginations.
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