Technology brings the world to McGehee and McGehee to the world.

We live in a global community and technology is the great facilitator. As learners, adults and children require a global network at school, home and work. Our job at McGehee is to teach students how to learn to use all the tools technology has to offer, as well as how to use technology appropriately, respectfully and intelligently so they are in control instead of being controlled by technology.  

From the start, we talk to girls about being good digital citizens as well as how to create a positive digital footprint. We teach them how to judge which sources on the internet are credible and how to use the internet safely and wisely. Our approach allows technology to enhance our curriculum by allowing our girls to be global citizens, building community and connections.

Goals of Technology for McGehee Students

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  • Critical Thinking & Research Skills

    Critical thinking and research skills are at the forefront of a McGehee education. With our integrated approach to technology, McGehee students are able to gather, process and critically evaluate large amounts of information which is at the heart of a 21st century education.
  • Global Access

    Technology is ever changing and so are we. Keeping up with the latest developments as well as the pace of technology requires the right infrastructure. Our robust fiber network brings the world to McGehee without lag time or “page loading” errors. Communication and collaboration with authors, thought leaders, and fellow students is not limited by geography.
  • Digital Citizenship

    Safety and positive behavior are the first rules of internet use at McGehee. Whether it’s a First Grader researching Greek gods or a Fifth grader using school email for the first time or an Eleventh grader interacting with students in India, our students are expected to adhere to the Honor Code and uphold our high disciplinary standards.
  • Digital Communication

    Throughout our curriculum students are taught how to work with the wide array of digital tools available to communicate effectively. What’s the most appropriate tool to convey the message? How can a student most powerfully create and present original work? What is the best digital platform to clearly convey a complex concept? We want our students to know what tools are available and how to use them.
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Louise S. McGehee School is a private independent all-girls school for Pre-K through grade 12 and open to all qualified girls regardless of race, religion, national or ethnic origin.