Adelaide Wisdom Benjamin '50

There was no proctoring of examinations, and the teachers trusted me and treated me as a person of value. No one thought I would cheat and I never did cheat. I felt respected at McGehee and I never felt that way before.

Jordan Samford Lambert '02

The idea that, if you commit a violation, you will be judged by your peers and that the responsibility of policing such activities falls largely on you places an early emphasis on self-accountability.

Mary Frances Gregorio Dobry '06

From the moment I became a McGehee girl, I was expected to hold myself to a higher standard and be the best friend, student and person I could be, and I still strive for those goals today.

Student Government

"On my honor I will do my own work, uphold the ideals of my school, support Student Body Government, protect the good name and property of my school and see that all others do the same." - Louise S. McGehee School Honor Code

In 1921 McGehee became the first New Orleans school to adopt a Student Body Government and an Honor Code.

Each student has the privilege to help in the smooth running of her school and the responsibility to do her best to make it a place in which she and her fellow students may live and work honorably and harmoniously. Through self-government, students enjoy opportunities for developing self-knowledge, self-discipline, and citizenship. Student Body Government is responsible for school affairs within its province of authority. Final decisions on matters of school policy and philosophy are in the hands of the School’s faculty, administration and Board of Trustees.

The Student Council is made up of representatives elected by each class, the Student Council President and Vice President (elected by the student body), faculty representatives, and the Dean of Students. If a student violates the Honor Code, she goes before the Student Council which decides, with faculty guidance, if some disciplinary action will be taken. The McGehee community believes that this system encourages students to accept responsibility for their own actions and for their community, and to develop concern for others. The Honor Code gives each student the chance to grow and mature in an atmosphere of trust and self-discipline.
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Louise S. McGehee School is a private independent all-girls school for Pre-K through grade 12 and open to all qualified girls regardless of race, religion, national or ethnic origin.