Engineering & Design

The STEAM program at McGehee invites students to engage in a dynamic array of hands-on engineering and design challenges. From the TinkerLab at Little Gate to the Creation Station in the middle school, the STEAM program fosters scientific and technological literacy as the students are introduced to state-of-the-art tools, digital programs and open-ended building materials. 

Using the Engineering Design Process to guide inquiry, students engage in a variety of activities that align with rigorous math and science standards. The scope and sequence of the material is created through cross-curricular collaboration, and aims to help students gain confidence using tools, materials and resources to creatively and adeptly solve real-world problems. 

Interactive online content like computer-aided design (CAD) programs, digital art, and data collection software are used proficiently in the classroom. Scales, force plates, decibel readers, thermometers and other measurement tools support mathematical and data-interpretation skills. State of the art 3-D printers, laser-cutters, vinyl cutters, and dedicated computers are available for more in-depth and precise engineering projects. 

Throughout, the students in the STEAM program are challenged to take risks and build resilience. In the Tinkerlab, students as young as two years old can observe scientific phenomena like gravity, momentum and light. From these foundations, the STEAM program builds. Middle school students apply the same scientific standards to launch lunar rovers, program complex robots and interpret x-rays during orthopedic surgery case-studies.

No matter what the challenge, the STEAM program at McGehee gives students the tools they need to thrive in the future.

Allie Manker, Middle School STEAM Teacher, Robotics Coach

McGehee's STEAM program is built upon the understanding that innovative thinking is a practiced skill. It takes trial and error, resilience and encouragement. We practice risk taking and failure. No one is born programming complex code; we have to practice and persevere. Our students welcome these big questions and possess the confidence to apply technological and problem-solving strategies to solve real-world problems.
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