Our Mentorship Program offers our seniors the opportunity to further distinguish themselves academically by pursuing an independent course of study during their final year at McGehee. Seniors admitted to the Mentorship Program are granted the opportunity to pursue an individualized field of study in which they have a deep and passionate scholarly interest.

Application to the Mentorship Program is made in the second semester of Junior year. A rising Senior may apply for admission to the Mentorship Program if she has an overall GPA of 3.0 and an A average or higher in the related field of proposed study. The faculty selects eligible Seniors based on the merit of submitted proposals. The Senior who successfully completes a rigorous plan of independent study with her faculty mentor graduates with “Distinction” on her diploma in her chosen field of study. Participation in the Mentorship Program is first noted on her transcript at mid-year.

Guided by her faculty mentor, a Senior designs and executes an independent course of study. In order to be accepted, a written proposal must provide an in-depth and detailed outline for her plan of study.  Successful candidates for Mentorships are highly motivated, independent learners who carry the responsibility for the timely execution of their Mentorship Program.

For the last several years students and faculty have embarked on independent studies surrounding such topics as the role of antibiotics in modern medicine, women in politics, the art of typography, the history and literary influence of French fairy tales, vaccine controversies, the life and works of William Shakespeare, the works of Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald, Rape Culture in America and What Came First the Rhythm or the Blues?

Complete details of the Mentorship Program and application process are available through the College Counseling Office.  

Madeleine Moise '16, University of Southern California

My classmates and I used the Mentorship Program as a way to explore something we were already interested in under the guidance and structure of the program. At the end, I said, Wow, this is totally what I want to do, branding and different forms of communication. It clarified for me how I want to spend the rest of my life. Not only did it help me pick my major, but I am one of only 12 freshmen who were admitted to a class at USC and I think it's because of my mentorship.
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